At Imbue, our aim is to normalise awkward
conversations and inspire a new
behaviour in Intimate Wellness.


We live in a world where awkwardness tends to take over the important conversations about our bodies. We grew up ignoring issues related to sexual wellness, menstrual health, or even something as common as gut health. The stigma forced us to keep every discomfort, every curiosity hush-hush. This changes now.  


'Embrace the Awkward' is a progressive wellness movement that challenges the conventional boundaries of self-care. We aim to create a community of individuals united in their belief that intimate care demands frank conversation and equal attention. Our brand values give our customers the confidence to express themselves with the right attitude and infectious energy. Together, we aim to tackle the world’s entrenched cultural taboos by normalising the use of intimate wellness products as a healthy part of self-care.  


Our path towards learning to embrace the awkward and helping others do the same requires us to be true to ourselves and our products.

Clean - Our all-natural, plant-based products are hand-picked, carefully selected, cream of the crops. We believe in formulating products that are free of toxins, chemicals, paraben, and sulphate. Imbue strives to be an ethical, sustainable, and cruelty-free brand.

Credible - Inspired by Ayurveda, we have reimagined the use of ancient ayurvedic ingredients like Panchavalkala, Agnishikha, and other potent ayurvedic herbs to solve modern lifestyle issues. Imbue’s products are credited with certifications from Ayush in India and other authorities across the globe.

Convenient - Customer convenience is in our R&D DNA. Imbue’s products are delivered in formats and pack sizes that are convenient to use whether at home in leisure or while at work or on travel.


'Wash Away Stigma' is our year-long campaign that aims to break the silence on feminine health issues, a taboo that still persists in India and other parts of the world. We aim to initiate conversations about menstrual hygiene, reproductive health, and sexual expression. We want to normalise the use of natural and innovative feminine care products as a healthy part of our daily routine. Imbue works with NGO-partner Project CLAP. We aim to reach an audience of 1 Million Young Adults via comprehensive sexuality education programs to Imbue has partnered with sexual awareness platform Coitopedia to create a comprehensive educational series that focuses on cognitive, emotional, social, interactive, and physical aspects of sexuality.

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