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Made with natural butters, Daalia Breast Massage Cream is a unique formulation containing natural extracts of Hemp Seed Oil & Khus Khus that soothes the skin and keeps soreness at bay. This lightweight cream shows anti-aging, skin conditioning & analgesic properties and acts as emulsifiers in moisturizing and re-densifying the sagging skin.


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Best Breast Cream For Firmer Breasts

Imbue Natural’s breast massage cream helps in making the breast firmer and tighter. Our Breast cream is made with a unique formulation to help you achieve toned breasts in just a few usages. Make your breasts curved in appearance with Imbue’s breast massage cream. With regular massage our breast cream proves to be effective and offers a visible change. Do not worry about any side-effects as our breast cream is completely ayurvedic in nature. Our Breast Cream Price is affordable to help you improve breast related problems.

Best Breast Massage Cream: Daalia Breast Massage Cream

Made with natural butter, our breast massage cream is a unique formulation containing natural extracts of Hemp Seed Oil and Khus Khus. These ingredients soothe the skin and keep soreness at bay. Imbue’s breast cream is completely lightweight and has anti-aging, skin conditioning, and analgesic properties and acts as emulsifiers in moisturizing and re-densifying sagging skin.
If you have been facing saggy breast skin and want to make it supple, then Imbue’s ayurvedic breast cream should be your first choice. It is completely vegan in nature. We have kept the breast massage cream away from chemicals, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, and silicone. Our breast cream is highly effective if used in the right way. Also check out Imbue Naturals entire range of Intimate Wellness to uplift your lifestyle without using any harmful chemicals.

Imbue’s Breast Massage Cream Has All The Natural Ingredients

We have incorporated some of the best natural ingredients to prepare the ultimate breast cream. It has Hemp Seed Oil, Poppy Seed Oil, Muskmelon Seed Oil, Fenugreek (Methi) Oil, Lemongrass Oil, and Spearmint Oil. These ingredients are highly beneficial and offer following advantages-

  • Our breast cream has moisturizing and anti-aging properties
  • It shows plumping and skin conditioning properties
  • It promotes collagen and shows the analgesic effect
  • It reduces stretch marks appearance to a great extent
  • It helps regain tissue mass and reduces pigmentation
  • It gives a cooling effect from circulation

It is very easy to use Imbue Natural’s breast cream. Just take the breast cream on your fingertip and apply it to each breast. Massage the breast from top to bottom and in a circular motion for a few minutes until it completely gets absorbed into your skin. To get the best results, apply Imbue Natural’s breast cream twice daily.

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