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The gift of strength now with the slippery side of love! Unlock your power within with our Imbue Firefly Shilajit Strength Booster Tablets, brimming with benefits like- enhanced libido, stamina, energy and agility. Rich with ingredients like Ashwagandha and Safed Musli it also reduces anxiety, and fatigue and shows aphrodisiac effects. Indulge in sweet sins with our Imbue Firefly All Natural Lubricant, made with the best of natural herbs like Lajjalu ark, Supari Patra ark, Kamal Naal ark and Nagvali Patra ark for both partnered and solo play. Add to cart now!

Firefly All Natural Lubricant For Female Arousal

The vagina naturally produces lubrication to help you perform sexual activity. However, if lubrication is not enough, natural lubricant for female dryness can be used as a substitute to have pain-free sexual activity. Imbue Natural’s Water Based Lubricant is made with herbs to help you become sexually aroused. Our Water Based Lube reduces friction in the vagina and increases comfort during sex by minimizing irritation and soreness.
We understand that vaginal dryness is a common problem faced by many and hence have come up with an excellent solution. Imbue Natural’s Firefly All Natural Lubricant is a one-stop solution to help you indulge with your partner.

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Imbue Natural’s Firefly All Natural Strawberry Lube is made with the goodness of freshly distilled herbs that are boiled, to concentrate their steam, which is then cooled and collected to create a wonder potion for partnered sex as well as self-pleasure. We have always given importance to intimate wellness and comfort, therefore our Water Based Lubricant is a safer, cleaner and non-synthetic product that is free of petroleum, alcohol, parabens, and silicone. It comes in a natural strawberry flavor to spice up your sexual activity.

Use our Natural Vaginal Lubricant

  • You face vaginal dryness because of medication
  • Facing changes in hormonal levels due to pregnancy
  • You face vaginal dryness due to menopause
  • You face vaginal dryness due to insufficient lubrication
  • You experience pain or itching in the vagina

Firefly All Natural Lubricant Made With Natural Herbs

Imbue’s Natural Vaginal Lubricant is made with natural ingredients that do not play with your skin. With stringent checking, we have ensured that our Water Based Lube is free of any toxic substances. We have used ingredients like Lajjalu ark, Supari patra ark, Kamal Naal ark, Nagvali patra ark, Honey extract, Anhydrous Betaine, Coconut oil, Natural Strawberry Flavour, and Vanilla Oil. These natural ingredients have many benefits-

  • It has arousal-enhancing properties
  • Reduces pain and balances secretions
  • Offers lubrication and aphrodisiac properties
  • Provides the astringent effect
  • It helps with absorption
  • It supports in conditioning effect
  • It has a pleasant taste and aroma
  • The natural fragrance supports arousal
  • It has moisturizing properties

Imbue Natural’s Lube Gel is easy to use. All you need to do is take a sufficient amount of Natural Vaginal Lubricant on your palm. Apply the Strawberry Lube to your intimate parts and gently massage it for a few minutes. You will experience the results immediately.

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