10 Reasons Sex May Be Painful And What You Can Do To Help

10 Reasons Sex May Be Painful And What You Can Do To Help

Women, especially in India, refuse to talk about sex. Their likes and desires get as little attention as their turnoffs and pains. Painful intercourse is a common occurrence, but women simply have to power through. There are several reasons sex may be painful for you. But there are solutions, too.

Reasons Sex May Be Painful, And What You Can Do To Help

Pain or burning in the vagina or deeper inside during intercourse can be caused by a variety of reasons. Let’s find out what could be the possible reason behind painful sex and their solutions.

1. Psychologically Unprepared for Intercourse

It’s possible that you’re not in the mood for intimacy. You might be stressed or depressed. It’s possible to feel shame or guilt because of body issues or because of other societal or religious stigmas. A recent or previous trauma can also be the cause behind your disinterest. If you’re not ready, psychologically, it can cause difficulty in relaxing pelvic muscles and in lubrication.

Solution: A healthy sex life depends on a relaxed mind, as well as an honest and understanding relationship with the partner. You can take time to work through your stress or shame, personally, or with the help of a therapist. You can discuss your issues with your partner; a deeper bonding can help. Sometimes, even a simple massage and long foreplay can help you de-stress and feel warmed up.

2. Vaginismus

Your pelvic muscles may spasm involuntarily in response to penetration, because of Vaginismus, thus causing immense pain and an obvious sexual aversion, because of hyperactive nerve fibres around the vulva.

Solution: You need to speak to your OB-GYN to find the physiological or psychological cause behind the problem. It may be treated with physical therapy.

3. Vaginal Dryness

A drop in the oestrogen level in your body because of medicines and ailments can lead to vaginal dryness, which makes intercourse painful. Penetration without proper foreplay can also leave you dry down there. Another reason behind vaginal dryness is the use of harsh cleansing products.

Solution: Besides avoiding all the fancy, fragrant bath bombs or other products for vaginal cleansing or douching, you can use unperfumed lubricants . You can also talk to your doctor for oral or topical medicines and moisturizers.

4. Infections, Fibroids, and other Diseases

If intercourse is causing you burning or itching, it could be because of vaginal infections, like yeast infections and STDs. It could also be fibroids on the uterus or pelvic inflammatory disease.

Solution: Oral and topical medications, including antibiotics and probiotic supplements, can help you heal. In addition, stick to a simple and regular cleansing routine, using water, and a mild cleanser like Imbue Intimate Hygiene Foam to clean the skin on the outside of the vagina.

5. Wrong Position

Everyone has a different shape and size of the vagina, and it is possible that the cervix gets touched as a result of some positions, thus causing pain and discomfort.

Solution: Not every position is meant for all couples. Talk to a partner and find out what works for you best. Start with the simple missionary position, and work your way up from there.

6. Endometriosis

During intercourse, if you suffer cramps and aches deep in the pelvic area, it is possible that you have endometriosis, a condition in which a mucous membrane grows outside the uterus instead of inside it. There are many other symptoms of endometriosis, like painful and irregular periods, heavy bleeding, etc

Solution: You need to see the doctor get yourself treated. Treatment often involves pain relievers and hormone therapy.

7. Vulvodynia

If you have sensitive skin tissues around the mouth of the vaginal canal, it’s likely that you have a highly sensitive vulva and vaginal opening, leading to pain during and after intercourse in the vagina and vulva, and not inside.

Solution: Vulvodynia can be treated with medication and long-term physiotherapy.

8. Ingrown Hair

A bikini wax gone bad, or shaving off pubic hair can lead to ingrown hair and pimples. The friction caused during penetration can cause pain and burning sensation.

Solution: Find skin-soothing serums and wait till the pain goes away.

9. Partner is Too Big

While every man takes pride in being well-endowed, it can hurt a woman’s vagina.

Solution: Speak to your partner, so that you can slow things down a little and take the time to loosen up, till you feel comfortable.

10. Dry Spell

If you have not had sex for a long while, it is normal for you to feel tightness and discomfort.

Solution: Again, communication with the partner is the key here, so that you can work together to get you in the mood. Go slow and try lubes.

Whether it’s a simple cause with an easy solution or a complicated issue that needs long-term treatment, you do not deserve painful sex. So, take your time to find the best ways to make sex enjoyable for yourself again!

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