6 Ways to be Period Positive

6 Ways to be Period Positive

Period positivity, by its very definition, is about viewing menstruation as something that’s not only entirely normal but also absolutely empowering.  In a world where the overriding mentality is that we should be ashamed of our periods, this is an overwhelmingly powerful concept. That said, being period positive doesn’t mean your relationship with your cycle is always rainbows and butterflies. It’s about feeling confident enough to openly discuss all facets of menstruation - both highs and lows. 

For period positivity to exist beyond a trending hashtag, follow these tips. 

 1. Break the silence on periods!


While it’s true that “period positivity” has become a buzzword of sorts, many people still treat menstruation as something to be spoken about in hushed whispers. It’s high time we normalize conversations around  periods. Everything about it; the flow, the colour, the odor, and the intensity of our cramps. Bleeding through your pants during a period may not casually come up in a conversation, but it’s only by sharing such experiences that we can truly future-proof our wellbeing. 


2. Brandish your menstrual products

Statutory warning: Menstrual pads are NOT injurious to human eyes. 

For some strange reason, we’re sneaky about our period supplies. We’re experts at slipping pads/tampons up our sleeves, smuggling them into washrooms like it’s some sort of contraband. It’s 2023, Wave your pad in the air. Let your menstrual products be seen as often as the salt and pepper on the kitchen counter. 


3. Switch up your language.

Whether it’s  “Aunt Flo” or “Shark Week” menstruation continues to be shrouded in a veil of euphemisms. Heck, we’d be lying if we deny the hilarity of these seemingly harmless euphemisms. But they’re problematic and contribute to the ongoing stigma around menstruation. Word to the wise: Call a spade a spade. Reclaim words like ‘period’ & ‘menstruation.’

Next time an opportunity presents itself, we challenge you to say it, out loud, “I’M ON MY PERIOD” or “I’M MENSTRUATING” for everyone to hear. It’s pretty liberating.


4. Call out cringe-worthy period commercials

It’s no secret that advertisements rarely depict women with periods accurately. Rather than portraying periods as the painful occurrence they tend to be, they show menstruating women as horseback riding divas, frolicking through sunflower fields dressed in white. Puh-lease, we’re definitely not jolly and upbeat about bleeding from our nether regions and we’re certainly not bleeding blue. But of course, no period ad prepares you for this truth. Such flawed ads end up bolstering misinformation and prejudices attached to women’s bodies.  


5. Knowledge is power

It’s period positive to learn more about our reproductive health and menstrual cycle because we all deserve to know what’s normal, what’s not.  Not having proper knowledge about menstruation affects our relationship with our bodies, others, and periods in general. How, you ask? We start associating periods with being gross, smelly, embarrassing, and some suffer from menstrual disorders in silence because they don’t know who to talk to or what to do about it. Only by understanding how your body works can you better meet your own needs.


6. Teach kids about periods


Start early. Whether they’ve actually started their period or not, there’s a lot to learn and talk about. There are countless moments to ignite a conversation, whether it comes from the movies or just a trip to the nearest supermarket. 

Got all that? Good. Now take a moment to bask in the mundane glory of menstruation. Know that your desire for change is making the world a more period-positive place and, for that, we think you’re awesome!

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