Are you too busy to pay attention to your Yoni?

Are you too busy to pay attention to your Yoni?

A lot of conversation around “me-time” and “self-care” is streaming on social media every single day. Which is great, but what about taking time out to pamper, care and look after your vagina?

Busy lifestyle barely spares most women time today. You’re either jumping in for a quick shower due to morning meetings or rushing around for coffee plans with friends after ages. What takes a hit? Perhaps, the gynecologist’s appointment, right?

The great part of being a woman in today’s time is that life has so much to offer, and we’re grappling onto those opportunities, and how. But amidst a successful career, active social life and the balance of it all, we often ignore the many needs of keeping the vagina healthy. It is rather integral to maintain good personal hygiene. Just keeping the hair just right or nails well-manicured isn’t enough. The vagina low-key sacred and it should be treated as such, goddess. As a matter of fact, a majority of the state of our health can be determined by the state of our vagina.

 So, if up until now you were being slightly aloof about it, worry not, we are going to give you a couple quick go-to tips to fit into your schedule seamlessly:


The vagina is barely demanding, if you quench your actual thirst, it’s a happy spring season down there. Hydration is crucial for the health of your vagina. So, when you get up in the morning, the first thing that you got to do is half generous amount of water. This not only provides your body the much-needed hydration it needs, but also makes sure that you flush out the toxins right from the very first pee. 


You’re working those abs, glutes, arms and what not, but one other part that needs to be exercised, and exercised well is your vagina. Taking lower body to whole another level, kegel exercises are important for the age, elasticity and performance of your vagina. It’s a great quick exercise, all you got to do is contract your pelvic floor muscle for three to five seconds, relax, and repeat 20 times or more, depending on your comfort. You can practice while peeing to identify the muscle. But make sure you’re doing it right.


Picky about the shower gel, shampoo and face wash? Great, then why are you settling for soap for your vaginal cleansing. To maintain the pH level of your southern region, choose a mild cleanser like Imbue Intimate Hygiene Wash during your showers. And for those mid-office hours switch to a super convenient option like Imbue Intimate Hygiene Foam, which is a handy on-the-go waterless cleanser. Your face isn’t the only thing that needs touch ups, remember that. 


What you hog during the day doesn’t only affect your stomach but also your vagina, right from the smell to the texture. Thus, it is always suggested that ideally avoid highly oily and spicy foods because let’s be honest, odor isn’t great anywhere, neither the mouth nor down there. But, remember that each vagina is different and special in their own way, so until anything alarming, do not worry about how your vagina smells. Daily cleansing and healthy lifestyle will suffice.

See, told you, not demanding at all. And we’re certain you can do this much for that one part that gives you both pleasure and relief. Take care and stay safe.

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