How Safe Is It to Shave Down There

How Safe Is It to Shave Down There

When it comes to styling the pubic region, there have been many trends that have come and gone. For convenience, many people choose to shave their pubic area at home. However, there are many risks that accompany shaving one's own pubic hair. Accidentally cutting yourself and getting razor burn are only two of the many risks of shaving your own nether regions. 

Is it essential to shave your pubic hair? 

It is worth noting that pubic hair grows on that part of the body for good reason. Pubic hair is supposed to be protective. It will help protect your private parts from friction and from bacteria that may potentially cause infection.  

While getting rid of your pubic hair is not necessary and there’s nothing wrong with deciding that it isn’t for you, it’s also okay to choose to shave your hair “down there”. However, you have to ensure that you clean the area thoroughly to ensure that no bacteria will be allowed access to this sensitive part of your body.

How dangerous is it to shave your own pubes? 

There are many dangers to shaving your own pubic hair. If you choose to do this, you need to ensure that you do it slowly and carefully, so as not to injure yourself in the process. 

One danger comes in the form of cutting oneself with the razor or cutting tool used. On top of this, there is the added hazard of causing the hair to become ingrown and infected.  

The Proper Shaving Technique 

You will be able to prevent anything untoward from happening if you practice the right shaving technique when you shave your pubic hair. This technique involves using a sharp razor every time you shave. Replace your razor after around 10 shaves to ensure that it is sharp enough to shave the hair off. You risk cutting yourself accidentally if you use a dull blade. 

Another thing to remember is that shaving the hair in the direction where the hair grows is important. There will be less risk of the hair becoming ingrown if you shave it this way. Shaving in the right direction as well as taking care not to shave too frequently will ensure that your pubic area will not be irritated, infected or hurt. 

After shaving, you should also know how to clean your vagina properly after shaving. Making sure that there are no stray hair left in the area will prevent it from becoming itchy and irritated. Cleaning the area thoroughly will prevent infections in the future. 


Shaving off pubic hair is something that is relative to each person. Some prefer to shave off their pubic hair and others are okay with a full bush. There is no problem with either of these lifestyle choices as long as you take care to always make sure that your pubic area is clean!

It may be more difficult to maintain the utmost cleanliness in your vaginal area because the hair is supposed to do half the job for you. That’s why choosing a quality hygiene wash is a quintessential part of ensuring a healthy vagina.

Whether you shave your pubic hair or not, you will always be able to count on Imbue Natural feminine wash to clean your private area. Buy our feminine hygiene products today and see the difference!

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