Panty Liners – Is It Ok To Wear Them Regularly?

Panty Liners – Is It Ok To Wear Them Regularly?

Panty Liners – Is it ok to wear them regularly?

Panty liners are a thing with people around the world, though Indian women hardly know about it and those who do are not sure about its uses and effectiveness. They are not sure how often it is to be worn. So, let’s take a look at the details regarding panty liners.

What is a panty liner?

A panty liner is like a sanitary napkin, only thinner and smaller. It is an absorbent pad used for feminine hygiene, worn in the panty by women, just like a sanitary napkin, to absorb any vaginal discharge and light flow of menstrual blood. Some of them also have wings to stay in place within the underwear. They are available in different shapes and are quite small in size. They are not designed to handle the heavy flow. They have adhesive on one side to stick to the gusset.

Why use a panty liner?

The purpose of using a panty liner is to absorb vaginal discharges and light vaginal bleeding, especially an unexpected one. It also helps in dealing with spotting and staining. Vaginal discharges and sudden blood flow can not only leave you feeling wet and uncomfortable but also become difficult to remove from the underwear. They are a real friend to teenage girls during their puberty phase, as spotting and unanticipated periods are common during this time. They also have plenty of other uses.

Advantages of using panty liners -

Panty liners help keep you feeling dry and fresh all day. It is an absorbent pad that can absorb the following:

1. Pre-menstrual and post-menstrual discharges: Women often face vaginal discharge, usually yellowish or brownish, right before and after their periods. Panty liners are good at absorbing these.

2. Post-coital discharge: Panty liners soak in the vaginal discharge that can take place after intercourse.

3. Spotting: Any vaginal bleeding outside the menstrual cycle can be prevented from ruining your expensive underpants and leaving you feeling uncomfortable, by wearing a panty liner.

4. With tampons and menstrual cups: Panty liners are too thin and small to be used in place of sanitary napkins. But, many women like to wear one along with tampons and menstrual cups, in case there’s light leakage and staining.

5. During light menstrual bleeding: On the first and last days of the cycle, the bleeding is usually quite light. So, you can wear a panty liner instead of a sanitary napkin on these days. Sanitary napkins can be thick and uncomfortable; who wouldn’t want to replace the discomfort of sanitary pads with something thin and more flexible, even if it is for two-three days?

6. Vaginal discharges: Women often face a whitish vaginal discharge when they are not menstruating. This is particularly true for teenagers going through puberty. Panty liners can absorb that.

7. Urinary leakage: Women with urinary incontinence may suffer from light urinary leakage due to lack of voluntary control over urination, and panty liners are perfect for absorbing such leakage.

8. Camel toes: Tight bottoms can often sit tightly on the skin and reveal the shape of the vulva, creating the shape of the camel toes, and panty liners can completely hide that.

9. Unsuspected menstruation: If you are not keeping track of your cycle, then you can wear pantyliners to prevent Aunt Flo from catching you off-guard.

Problems of wearing panty liners regularly

1. Harmful chemicals: Bear in mind that the highly absorbent panty liners have a gel-like chemical material which can be absorbed by the vagina and be detrimental for your health.

2. Regular changing: To avoid the above problem, one must change the panty liner regularly. It should ideally be changed 4-5 times a day. This regular changing is not only inconvenient but also expensive, not to mention the harm all these menstrual pads with their plastic content can cause to the environment.

3. Bacterial infections: As a result of overusing panty liners, the vagina can become moist and warm, and turn into the perfect environment for the overgrowth of bacteria. Your vagina has a delicate micro biome of beneficial bacteria living within optimal PH Balance levels. But even the good bacteria can be harmful when allowed to overgrow. So, it is a good idea not to go overboard with panty liners.

Granted, panty liners are thin and easy to use, and can keep you feeling dry and comfortable. But overusing them can be harmful. So, carry them as a backup option in case there’s an issue, or wear them only when you predict there might be a problems like spotting or vaginal discharge. Avoid using them all the time, every day; but if you must, then remember to change frequently, and try to ditch them altogether at night. You must figure out, according to your bodily functions, how to use your panty liners wisely.

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