Here in India, it’s almost always sweaty and dusty. You leave the house feeling all fresh and clean, but by the time you return home at the end of the day, you get grossed out by your own condition. Especially for the women who have to run in and out of the house all the time, personal hygiene is an important factor. Let’s take a look at five personal hygiene tips that will help you feel fresh and energetic all the time.

Personal hygiene tips

Let’s take a look at these five personal hygiene tips which are often neglected.

Wash your hair every day

Think about it this way: if your body needs to be washed every day, why don’t you do the same with your scalp? It is full of hair follicles, and is covered all the time. When you sweat, the scalp gets all sweaty, too, and catches the dust and grime. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair and scalp every day, and if it seems to dry your hair, use a leave-in conditioner for the length of the hair to avoid frizziness but do not apply it on the roots.

Have fluids for internal cleansing

‘Why is this personal hygiene?’ You may ask. Well, the more water you drink, the more you help your body to flush out all the toxins within your body. It’s the ‘detox drink’ that nature has provided us. When you increase your water intake, you will notice changes in your skin, and also see a decrease in body odour. Also include fruits in your diet, to nourish your body.

Maintaining Oral hygiene

Maintaining Oral Hygiene should be another very important aspect of your daily personal care routine, though at least in our country it is often neglected. The bacteria inside our mouth may cause cavities, tooth decay, gum problems and gingivitis, unless regular care is taken. Brushing atleast twice a day, use of antimicrobial mouthwash and regular dental flossing should be a part of our regular oral/dental care routine, to avoid these acutely painful problems/ailments. Consuming too much sugary food and drinks, aerated drinks and even starch may also result in reduced oral hygiene and tooth decay. A regular checkup routine with a dentist also prevents dental problems from aggravating.

Wash your makeup tools every week

Whether it’s the puff, the brush or the egg blender: it is important to wash them at least once a week. Be it the porous sponges, the bumpy surface of the puffs, or the strands of fibrous bristles of the brushes, they allow all the makeup, dust, and sweat to build up, along with germs and fibres. This can cause severe harm to the skin.

Intimate care routine

Throw away old innerwear every year and if required even more frequently. Yes, even if those bras and underwear cost you a fortune. Remember that they stay on your skin all day, and catch your bodily fluids, from the under-breast sweat to vaginal discharge. Even if you wash them regularly, it is best to replace your innerwears with new ones at least once a year.

Also, taking special care of your intimate parts is a very important part of your personal hygiene routine. While the vagina self cleanses itself with it's internal secretion and does not require any external intervention, you need to regularly clean the external part outside the vagina or the vulvar region with a natural, unperfumed vaginal cleanser like the Imbue Personal Hygiene foam, to keep feeling fresh all day long.

When you feel clean and fresh, you feel the energy to carry on with your activities. Otherwise, all you want is to go back home and take a shower. Longing for a long shower is fine, but to stay confident all day, follow these simple personal hygiene tips.

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