What is a Lubricant and How Can You Use it.

What is a Lubricant and How Can You Use it.

We all have heard of it. We all have wanted to try it at one point or the other. But a lot of us are still confused about what a lubricant actually is. What is a personal lubricant? What are intercourse lubricants used for? Are they for people with certain conditions or can they be used by everyone? Well, we are here to debunk all the myths and give you all the tea about lubricants and their usage right here. So let’s slide in:

What is a lubricant?

Well, generally speaking, lubricant is something that is introduced between two surfaces to reduce the friction or heat between them. Think of oil or grease lubricating a car engine. Now let us bring this definition to the bedroom. A personal lubricant is something that makes sex as frictionless as possible. Now we are not addressing the emotional or psychological aspect of making sex frictionless, we are purely talking about the very raw intercourse part of it.

When a woman is aroused, her vagina starts to lubricate itself, or as we commonly call it starts to get “wet”. This is in the preparedness for the intercourse that might happen. Now, this natural lubrication makes sex much more pleasurable and enjoyable for both parties since it reduces any kind of friction. Now an intercourse lubricant does the job. It makes intercourse frictionless so that it is pleasurable for all. 

How can you use it?

Now there is a popular misconception that lubricant is only for vagina owners who find it difficult to get wet naturally during sex. Now the truth couldn’t be further from that. Sure, many vagina owners struggle to get wet naturally during sex and for them, human lubricants do wonders. But that doesn’t translate into the fact that it can’t be used elsewhere. Lubricants are a great way to spice up sex with a partner or even for times of self-pleasure. One of the most crucial rules of sex is the wetter the better. So don’t look at lubricants as something that you should resort to when it gets dry down there. Instead, play and have fun with it. Lubes come in an array of flavours and they can cause warm and cool sensations too which will add to the fun quotient during your playtime. And there are some lubes that can help in delaying ejaculation too. And guess what lubes, especially water-based and silicone-based go great with condoms. It makes the process feel much more natural. Plus it also reduces the chances of it falling or breaking. Sounds pretty dope right?  So you can apply it after wearing a condom or before wearing it and you can also apply it inside the vagina and let it do its magic.

Another time when personal lubricant should be a must is during anal sex. Anal sex can be very fun and pleasurable only if it is done in the right way. Unlike the vagina, our anus is not self-lubricating. Hence it needs some external source of lubrication for it to happen smoothly and frictionlessly. So don’t forget to use generous amounts of lubricant before venturing into the world of anal sex. 

Types of lubricants

Now there are several types of lubes based on their composition. Let’s take a look

Water-based lubes: These are the easiest to find and safe lubes that you can get in the market and they are pretty affordable too. They go well with sex toys and condoms and hardly cause any type of irritation. The only downside is they wear off easily and you might have to apply them more than once during your play sesh. 

Silicone-based lubes: They are more resilient than their water-based counterparts and they also go well with condoms. But they can damage the silicone surface of your toys and they also do have the potential to irritate vagina owners

Oil-based lubes: If you want your lube to last throughout your play sesh, then oil-based lubes might be the answer you are seeking. But beware, oil-based condoms don’t go well with latex condoms and can cause irritations as well.

Natural lube for intercourse: These lubes are getting more and more popular these days because of their natural ingredients which translate into the fact that they won’t cause any type of irritation or discomfort to you and hence are perfectly safe to use. Take a shot at it with our Firefly: All Natural Lubricant.

So what are you waiting for? Take your pick and start experimenting already. 

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