3 Ladyscaping Best Practices

3 Ladyscaping Best Practices

For decades, there have been endless, ongoing debates about women’s body hair. If you let it all grow au natural, are you a feminist rejecting society’s norms, or are you just lazy? If you’re strict about waxing and shaving, do you just prefer how it feels, or are you just afraid of what everybody else will say?

No matter what current trends are or what your choices may “secretly” say about you, it’s your body, and you can do whatever you want with it. The most important thing is to make informed choices that will keep you healthy and safe.

Why Do We Have Pubic Hair?

Before talking about how to get rid of pubic hair, it’s important to know its purpose. 

Vaginas are lined with a mucous membrane that’s very delicate and sensitive. The hair covering the vagina is there to protect it from friction, wick away sweat and discharge, and keep away bacteria that can cause infections.

Damaging the skin and hair around your vagina can make contact infections (herpes, HPV, cellulitis, staph, even HIV through microscopic tears in your skin) easier to transmit during sex. This is why it’s imperative to take special care if you choose to remove your pubic hair!

Read on for three best practices when it comes to managing your hair down there.

1. Prioritize Hygiene

There is no hygienic difference whether you choose to keep or remove pubic hair. Having more hair doesn’t mean your vagina is less clean or healthy. It only means that it can be more challenging to keep the area free of sweat and odour! 

Keeping it shaved or waxed at all times doesn’t mean you’re more hygienic than people who don’t. It only means that you’ve removed a barrier against bacteria, and you have to be more vigilant about cleanliness.

No matter how much pubic hair you have, soap and water can keep your vagina fresh and clean. Remember to keep the washing strictly external because any soap or feminine products getting inside your vagina can mess up the pH inside and cause infections.

2. Choose the Right Tools

If you want to remove pubic hair, you need to choose your tools carefully. Remember that you are dealing with very sensitive skin, so you need to be extra mindful of what you do to it.

If you prefer shaving, never, ever use dull blades. Don’t ever shave dry, either! Use a mirror to make sure you’re doing it evenly. Trim your hair and exfoliate before putting on shaving cream. Make sure to moisturise after.

If you prefer waxing, make sure the salon you go to only uses fresh wax for every customer. No double-dipping! If you wax at home, follow all the instructions strictly to ensure safety.

3. Always Exfoliate

One of the best and easiest ways to keep your skin healthy is to exfoliate regularly. Exfoliating removes dead cells, germs, dirt, and other debris from the outer layer of your skin.

If you make exfoliation part of your regular shower routine, you’ll have much less trouble at your next bikini wax appointment or shaving session. Your pores will be much healthier, and the risk of ingrown hair is much lower.


Remember: Your body, your rules! There’s no hygienic difference whether or not you choose to keep or remove your pubic hair. No matter what method you use for removal, keep these three simple practices in mind. You’ll have much healthier hair and skin for sure!

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