5 Natural aphrodisiacs for her

5 Natural aphrodisiacs for her

in Ancient Egypt, the indomitable Empress Cleopatra had a wager with her lover Marc Anthony, as to who could entertain the other with the most expensive feast. Marc Anthony went first, and when it was the Empress’ turn, she had been able to match his feast, but not outdo him. Thus, legend has it that she took off her pearl earring, and dissolved it in a glass of vinegar and drank it, thus providing the more expensive feast, and winning the wager. This legend tells the story of one of the first (and most expensive) aphrodisiacs in the world. There are many natural foods and items that have been used as sexual stimulants for women as well as men. In this blog post, we have compiled our top 5 natural aphrodisiacs

1. Chocolate

The ancient Aztecs believed that chocolate was a powerful aphrodisiac and even forbade unmarried women from consuming it, for the fear that it would make them nymphomaniacs. While we certainly don’t endorse the thought of forbidding young women from consuming an aphrodisiac, we are 100% behind the usage of chocolate as a love potion to get your partner hot and ready for you! Eating chocolate is scientifically proven to have its benefits, as it contains phenylethylamine, a stimulant that releases endorphins in the brain and increases the excitement. Chocolate and cacao also have a mild caffeine content that releases a mild rush of energy, so make sure you have some of that cocoa goodness stocked up in your fridge before your next rendezvous with your lover!

2. Oysters

There is a legend that believes that Casanova, the infamous Italian womanizer, used to eat a ton of oysters, and it is said that he even had a trick involving sliding an oyster from his lips to a woman’s lips in order to seduce her! Oysters are rich in Zinc, which helps with the production of testosterone in men. Studies have found that Oysters also contain Dopamine, the chemical produced in the brain that is responsible for increasing happiness and Desire. So if you and your partner are the ‘adventurous couple’, this is the perfect date night food for you!

3. Olive oil

Olive oil is an excellent source of good fats and adds a rich flavour to a lot of dishes. But, did you also know that it is the perfect oil for sensual massages? The Ancient Greeks were said to use olive oil as a lubricant, and it was even depicted in their more raunchy art pieces! While we don’t endorse using olive oil as a lubricant, we have to agree that the peripheral benefits of olive oil are quite favourable for intimacy. Olive oil massages boost blood circulation in the body, particularly in the erogenous zones.  Many arousal creams and Body massage oils on the market use olive oil as a base due to its many benefits and the fact that it is safe when ingested as well!

4. Imbue firefly natural stimulant

Imbue Natural’s all-natural stimulant for women, the Imbue Firefly natural stimulant is an instant female arousal drops, and works in a matter of minutes. It increases pleasure and wetness in users, and contains a herb from Ayurveda Agnishiksha, as an active ingredient. It also contains Majufal, Dudhi Seed oil, hemp seed oil and is enriched with the goodness of Menthol for some cooling effects. The hemp seed oil and dudhi seed oil enhance lubrication, and in combination with the Agnishiksha herb,it also has an anti-microbial effect. To use, simply use a few drops of the Firefly stimulant on the clitoris, vagina and surrounding areas. You can gently massage it into these areas, to help increase circulation, and improve lubrication!

5. Honey

Honey was said to be used by Hippocrates, the father of medicine, to help patients lacking sexual vigour. In ancient Greece, honey was also believed to be the nectar of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and sex. In early Persia, honey was mixed with ginger and pepper to cure impotency. It even finds a mention in the Kama Sutra! Honey has been used for its aphrodisiac properties all around the world and its many ancient civilizations. Often dubbed as ‘Liquid Gold’, honey contains Boron, which is said to regulate hormone levels in the body. Honey also contains nitric oxide, which aids in the opening of blood vessels leading to clitoral engorgement or an erection, which increases sexual desire in women and men respectively. Honey can be used in bed in a number of different ways, and is often the choice foodstuff used by people who want to spice or should i say, sweeten it up in the bedroom!

We hope you enjoyed reading about the rich history behind each of these natural aphrodisiacs, and the science behind the same. Do let us know your favourite from the list!

Imbue Natural is a line of wellness products catered towards both sexual wellness as well as general wellness. All of the products, such as the Imbue Firefly All Natural Stimulant, as well as the Imbue Breast Massage cream are made from natural and organic ingredients that are preservative and chemical-free!

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