5 ways to take care of your intimate area

5 ways to take care of your intimate area

We sure talk a lot about our physical health. The conversation around mental health is also picking up pace, but what about our intimate health? That is something that is still not discussed as much as it should be.  The stigma attached to women’s bodies, especially their intimate body parts has led to a culture where intimate health as well hygiene concerns are neither talked about nor is it taken seriously. This tendency can be quite dangerous in the long term because your intimates are an integral part of your body. Therefore the health of your intimate body parts and their wellness will also have an overall impact on your entire health. 

However, it will be unfair to pass the judgement that things are exactly as they were half a decade ago, Situations and circumstances are definitely changing. The number of commercials regarding intimate care products like intimate hygiene washes or natural vaginal wash bears evidence to the fact that things are slowly but surely changing. The conversation around intimate care and hygiene is slowly gaining pace and this is definitely a welcome trend.

So let us go ahead and see what are the 5 best ways to take care of your intimate area

Using Intimate Hygiene WashWhether you talk about television or the internet chances are you must have come across advertisements of intimate hygiene wash products. So what are they? These intimate Hygiene products have been specially formulated keeping the sensitivity of your intimate areas. Regular soaps or washes can cause irritation if used in your intimate region as they can mess up the pH of your vagina. However, these products are gentle to your intimate areas and take care of them without causing any kind of damage

Clean properlyMake sure to always keep your vagina clean and dry. This involves washing your intimate areas post peeing. And the way to do that is to wash it from the anal region to the vagina. This prevents UTIs. Cleanliness during sexual intercourse is also important to maintain your intimate hygiene. This includes peeing after sex as this also goes a long way in preventing UTIs

Take menstrual hygiene seriously: Periods might be the most annoying occurrence for most vagina owners. However, as much as we hate them, for most of us, there’s hardly any escaping from them. One of the ways to ensure comparatively stress-free periods is to maintain proper menstrual hygiene. Changing sanitary pads, tampons, at regular intervals. A lot of us may feel when it comes to changing our pads or tampons, However, wearing used sanitary products can have detrimental effects on your body in the long run. If you use menstrual cups properly, cleaning and sterilizing them before and after using them becomes an important part of your intimate hygiene. Following these small steps will not only help you have a clean and irritation-free period but will also contribute greatly to maintaining your intimate hygiene overall.

Stay away from douching: Douching is a method of flushing water up to your vagina in an attempt to clean it. Many believe that douching can also help prevent STDs and STIs.
However, this is completely unnecessary and even detrimental. There is absolutely no evidence to the fact that douching prevents any kind of STIs or will guarantee absolute cleanliness of your vagina
The vagina is self-cleaning. You don’t have to put anything inside your vagina to clean it. If anything douching can mess up the pH of your vagina by flushing out the good bacteria which help is essential to maintain the acidic nature of your vagina.  So do your intimates a favour and stay away. 

Pay regular visits to your gynaecologist: Meetings with gynaecologists can be quite scary and that’s why most of us avoid visiting our gynac. However, that might not be the best route to take when it comes to the well being of your intimate regions.  Many a time we ourselves cannot decipher if our sexual and intimate health is on point. So having regular visits with our gynaecologist is a good way to ensure that any kind of infections down there are kept at bay and our vaginal remains happy and healthy

Just like we take care of your physical and mental health, taking care of our intimate health is equally important. Use the best intimate wash for women, maintain menstrual hygiene, avoid douching and visit your gynac regularly. Trust us your vagina will be thanking you for this

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