4 products that will make your period easy

4 products that will make your period easy

From puberty to menopause, women experience around 500 periods. That’s almost 3500 days or 10 YEARS worth of periods!! These 10 years of periods are accompanied by various secondary issues such as poor hygiene, muscle spasms and cramps, nausea and more. Since we’re not expecting this to be something that is going to stop anytime soon, why not make the entire process an easier experience with a few products designed to help you during this troublesome time? Here are our must-haves for an effortless menstrual cycle:

    1. Imbue Natural intimate hygiene wash

      Good hygiene during your period is non-negotiable, but how does one maintain intimate area hygiene? Intimate areas are tricky as using harsh soaps and douches can interfere with the Vagina’s natural PH levels.  Intimate foam washes are designed to maintain the natural PH levels of the vagina and formulated especially to prevent any chances of infection, itchiness or irritation. During our period we may find that there is an increase in the bacteria count and hence a peculiar odour. Using a foaming intimate wash can help to repel the odour and keep the bacteria count in control, thus balancing the PH levels.

      The Imbue Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash is an organic vaginal wash and is created with the goodness of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, neem, banyan fig and tea tree oil which are all known for their anti-bacterial as well as infection-fighting properties. It's also alcohol and preservative-free, making it safe for everyone to use, even during your menstrual cycle or during pregnancy!

        2. Imbue breast massage cream


          Many bothersome symptoms accompany our menstrual cycles, but by the far, the most disturbing has to be sore breasts or breast pain. Breast pain can occur at varying intensities, and before or during your menstrual cycle, depending on your body. It is said to be more common in people who suffer from PMS (Pre-menstrual syndrome), but the reason for your breasts feeling tender or hurting is due to the fluctuating hormone levels during your menstrual cycle. There is no need to worry about general period-related breast pain, but if it persists after your cycle is over, then do see your doctor for a check-up. Period related breast pain can be managed by using organic breast creams and massaging them gently.

          Imbue Breast Massage cream has the goodness of spearmint oil, which has a cooling effect on the skin and improves blood circulation, thus soothing any soreness or tenderness in the breasts. It also contains Hemp seed oil and Khus Khus extracts which act as an analgesic and help topically reduce pain. To use, take up to a fingertip’s worth of product and gently rub it into your breasts in a circular motion. Repeat throughout the day if the soreness continues.

            3. Body massage oil

              We have all experienced period cramps during our menstrual cycles. Some women feel it on their abdomen, while others may feel it in their lower backs or pelvic region. One of the most effective ways to alleviate period induced cramps or spasms is by massage therapy. Even massaging the affected areas for as little as 10 minutes with an ayurvedic body oil greatly helps with relieving menstrual cramps. Studies have found that getting a massage reduces the frequency of uterine spasms by relaxing the uterus itself. Massage therapy also includes Aromatherapy and acupressure, which greatly help in reducing not only period cramps but other allied symptoms like nausea, soreness and lethargy.

              The Niraama body oil from Imbue Natural is an all-purpose body massage oil that is specially formulated with Hemp seed oil, Camphor and Nilgiri oil, which is known for its healing properties. It also contains jojoba and lavender essential oils, which are normally used in aromatherapy to reduce stress and tiredness during PMS.

                4. Period pain oil

                  Period pain often has us reaching for over the counter painkillers and muscle relaxants, which are riddled with unnecessary side effects. Instead of relying on these medicines, it is better to choose natural products that have the goodness of essential oils for period pain relief. Aromatherapy is known to greatly reduce pain and discomfort during periods. However, essentials oils are very strong and must be used in suspension, either in a cream or carrier oil to reap the full benefits.

                  Imbue Natural’s Niraama Period pain relief oil contains the goodness of Cinnamon, Vetiver, Patchouli, Rose, Frankincense and Yarrow, which all have a pleasantly sweet smell that helps in reducing Premenstrual Stress and period-related anxiety. It is also made with pure Camphor, which has a self-warming effect and locally relieves pain and congestion wherever it is applied. Apply the period pain relief oil to the lower abdomen and pelvic region to experience pain-free periods! 

                  These are our top 4 picks for products that are designed for your wellness and can help you experience a better menstrual cycle. Which of these products is your go-to period buddy? Let us know in the comments!



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