5 Things men don't understand about women but are super simple

5 Things men don't understand about women but are super simple

From the stone age era to the era of TikToks and reels, men have been complaining about how difficult it is to understand women, how we say one thing and mean something else, how we say fine, when though, we clearly aren’t. We mean come on, we all have seen those reels and TikToks, where men ramble on and on about how difficult are we to decode and decipher Ugghh! And we know a lot of us have felt this uncontrollable urge to just shake them up and say that if they would just listen with an open mind about what women have to say, maybe they won’t feel so confused about us all the time. 

But you know what, let’s make life simple for all of them. Here are 5 things, rather super simple things, about women that men don’t understand. Let’s go.


Not every woman is a gold digger: It has become a trend almost on social media platforms to portray women as gold diggers as if, all we are looking for in men, is money. They would cherry-pick a few women, invite them to their podcasts and based on what this couple of women say, would come to this appalling conclusion that all women are gold diggers. And shows like Dubai Bling simply add to that insulting stereotype.

This is extremely disrespectful and quite foolish, to be honest. Sure there are a few women who are just looking to fish out money from their significant other and just because they are making a lot of noise on social media doesn’t mean all women are gold diggers. Just like all men aren’t predators. A woman who’s working hard on building herself, and who is focused on her career isn’t going to count your wallet and trust us, that category includes a lot of us. Stop believing those misogynistic podcasts and judge with your own logic. You will find out that most women are looking for loving and supportive men who will stand by them through thick and thin.


not a gold digger


Yes, our Periods can hurt that bad and no, we aren’t overreacting: To be hones, any time you try to insinuate that our periods can’t be that bad and maybe we are overreacting, we honestly want to punch you in the face. Because as Rachel Green famously said “No uterus no opinion”. But you know what, today we will try to take the high road and calmly tell you that periods are generally uncomfortable for most women and for many women it can be excruciatingly painful. Just imagine blood being drained from your body every month and your hormones taking you on a wild roller coaster. 

Research has shown that pain experienced during periods can be as bad as the pain of a heart attack. Yep, that’s correct. And you must have seen those videos of men experiencing period cramps through a pain stimulator. Most of them couldn’t take it beyond a few initial levels. Doesn’t sound so petty and trivial now does it? So next time you think of telling a woman to relax when she’s on her period, because hey it can’t be that bad, remember this article and hold your tongue. 


period pain


Sometimes we just want to be heard: This can be a tricky region and we get why it can be a little tricky for men to get a hold of this. Sometimes the women in your life, be it your girlfriend, friend, wife, mother or sister will come to you and vent to you about a particular problem that she might be going through and since you care for them, you may instinctively want to offer solutions to that problem. We understand that you are coming from a place of care and concern but sometimes we aren’t exactly looking for solutions. Trust us, in some time we will figure it out and solve the problem ourselves. But when we are venting, all we want is to be heard and be validated. If we need your help or advice,  we will ask for it. But we would appreciate it a lot more if during those moments you create a safe space for us to talk and vent. And in case you are wondering how you should decide whether the woman is looking for solutions or simply asking to be heard, don’t be afraid to honestly ask her that question.


want to be heard


Our Female friendships are very sacred to us: Again we have pop culture to blame for trivializing female friendships. Female friendships will mostly be shown as being very superficial and solely survive on shopping and gossip sessions. It’s believed that a woman will be nice to her friends on her face but start to bitch about her the moment her back is turned. On the other hand, male friendships are portrayed as being this super strong bond where male friends will have their friend's back no matter what. 


Of course, male friendships are beautiful and deep but so are female friendships. Trust us, our girlfriend group is our ride-or-die. They support us through our worst times and celebrate with us during our best times. And let us tell you a secret, our girlfriends usually know everything about us, and we say everything we mean EVERYTHING, things that your boyfriends or husbands may not know. And last but not the least, we are extremely protective of our girlfriends. So unless you want to invite trouble, don’t you dare try to criticise our girlfriends in front of us. 


Female friendships


Not every one of us wants to be a mother: We have all heard how motherhood is the greatest gift and a woman’s life only becomes complete once she becomes a mother. Motherhood is indeed a beautiful experience and it brings a lot of joy and happiness into a woman’s life. But having said that, it is important to understand that motherhood isn’t for everyone. Every woman doesn’t want to be a mother and that is completely alright too. Some may have a traumatic past that is pulling them back and some may not just want to. Maternal instinct is not inherent in every woman and that is completely normal. We need to stop demonising women for not wanting to have kids. They are not selfish, if anything they are being thoughtful because it is way better to not bring another life into this world if you don't want, rather than bringing an innocent soul and then regretting that choice.




So there you go, 5 very simple things about women that men may not understand. Thank us later for making your lives a little simpler. 

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