How to prepare a winter care package for her?

How to prepare a winter care package for her?

Aahhhhh, the winters have arrived and for lots of us it is the most comfortable and coziest time of the year. It is also an extremely romantic time of the year so if you are looking to surprise your significant other with a big fat present, then we’ve got your back. From taking care of her intimate hygiene , looking after her on her periods to spice things up in the bedroom, we will help you curate a winter care package that covers all the bases. So ready to score some serious brownie points from your girl? Let’s get you started:


1. Imbue Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash For Women: 

Despite the hush-hush around women’s sexual health, we can still see an encouraging trend where many sections of the society are coming forward to talk about female sexual health. Taking care of our lady bits, down there is an integral part of our sexual health. That is why Imbue Natural Intimate Hygiene Wash is a perfect addition to the winter care package. Crafted from plant extracts, this intimate hygiene wash is cruelty-free, alcohol-free, vegan and paraben-free. It has been formulated to maintain a healthy pH of your vagina, all while being soft and gentle to us and our skin. 


Daalia Intimate Hygiene Wash


2. Daalia Breast Massage Cream

Okay we’ll let you in on a secret, as much as we love our breasts , they can be quite a pain at times. The soreness, the backaches…the list simply goes on. And not just that, sometimes we will even look at our breasts and wish they were firmer and tighter. So while preparing that care package for her, you can’t miss our Daalia Breast Massage Cream. This lightweight cream has hemp seed oil which helps in easing pain around our breasts and boosting collagen production thus showing anti-ageing properties. The unique formula also keeps your breasts from sagging and guess what, it is great for foreplay too!


3. Daalia Back and Bum Cream

This is going to be an absolutely great addition to that hamper and we’ll tell you why. We focus on keeping our face and even our hands and legs hydrated and moisturised. However, more often than not we will definitely ignore our Back and Bum. So surprise her by gifting Daalia Back and Bum Cream. Inspired by ancient Ayurveda and backed by modern research, our Imbue Daalia Back & Bum Cream is an action-packed recipe designed to smoothen, brighten and soften the most deprived parts of your body. Made with natural ingredients, this moisture-locking formula nourishes the toughest area of your skin from within to help clear bum and back acne and pigmentation to give your body the love it deserves.


Back and Bum Cream


4. Imbue Firefly All Natural Stimulant for women

After all the nice, if you want to add some naughty to the package, then look no further than Imbue Firefly All Natural Stimulant for Women. It is great for your next steamy sesh together and it is great for when she wants to have some fun by herself.  So light up some fireworks with our all-natural stimulant for women. This natural elixir has been crafted, just to set that right mood in the bedroom. Simply massage it gently on her clitoris and in the surrounding area and let the magic begin.


Firefly Natural Stimulant


5. Firefly all-natural lubricant

If there is one rule for great sex, then it has to be ‘the wetter the better’. That is why Firefly all-natural lubricant is a perfectly great addition to your winter care package for her. It is made with the goodness of freshly distilled herbs that are boiled, to concentrate their steam, which is then cooled and collected to create a wonder potion for partnered sex as well as self-pleasure. Intimate wellness and comfort are always kept above all, therefore our Lubricant is a safer, cleaner and non-synthetic product that is free of petroleum, alcohol, parabens and silicone. It comes in a natural strawberry flavour. So whether you want to go solo or spice it up with your partner, Firefly all-natural lubricant is all you need.


6. Rosa Period Pain Relief Oil

We are not exaggerating when we say that this can be one of the best gifts that you can give your girl. Periods are an extremely uncomfortable experience for most women out there. It can be painful, irritating and annoying. That is why we bring to you Rosa Period Pain Relief Oil, It’s a girl's best friend. A powerful blend of gently pressed six essential oils, Rosa Period Pain Relief Oil's effective formulation is known to relieve spasmodic pain & congestion around the pubic region.

It prevents stress and anxiety caused during menstruation and its easy usage allows coverage of a larger area for its application. It also contains pure Camphor that acts as a catalyst and enhancer of the warming effect. Its invigorating fragrance is a perfect mood elevator as well.


Rosa Period Pain Relief Oil


7. Rosa Period Potion

If you want to show your girlfriend how much you care for her, gifting her Rosa Period Potion would be the best way to do so. A healthy uterine ecosystem is directly proportional to a healthy state of mind. That is why we bring to you Rosa Period Potion, in mixed fruit flavour, which has the goodness of traditional ayurvedic herbs and minerals. When combined together, these herbs work in synergy to maintain a healthy uterine ecosystem whilst reducing bloating and easing premenstrual aches as well. Not just that, this unique formulation also helps in relieving anxiety and stress.

So there you go, a perfect winter care package that will not only keep your girl super cozy and happy this winter, but help you light some serious fireworks in the bedroom. You can thank us later!

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