5 ways to be eco-responsible during periods

5 ways to be eco-responsible during periods

Periods are undoubtedly one of the most annoying times in a woman’s life. Those annoying cramps, mood swings, bloating, sore nipples…the list is endless. Periods can indeed be a nightmare to deal with. However, it turns out that as uncomfortable as it is for most women, periods can indeed be quite harmful for our planet as well. Let us elaborate. Around 12.3 billion sanitary napkins, amounting to 113,000 tonnes of waste, reach India’s landfills every year. The average sanitary napkin is 90% plastic which means of course they aren’t biodegradable, plaguing our planet’s heart for thousands and thousands of years. However, a large chunk of menstruators have mentioned that they would want to shift to more sustainable options, but those products are not easily available. We hear you! Presenting to you - 7 ways for you to be eco-responsible while being on your periods.

Period Cup:

Period cups are one of the most sustainable alternatives to sanitary napkins. Since it’s reusable, you add literally zero waste while you are on your periods. And guess what, not just eco-friendly, period cups are pocket friendly too. They are more of a one-time investment as opposed to disposable sanitary napkins that you need to buy every month. And not just that, while disposable sanitary napkins need to be changed every 4-6 hours, menstrual cups can collect blood for upto 12 hours. Trust us they are worth the tiniest bit of effort required for their cleaning and upkeep. If you are looking for an affordable and comfortable period cup, then you have arrived at the right place. Laiqa Period Cup is designed to give menstruator the freedom of a worry-free period by providing them with the best quality and best design. Bid adieu to any kind of rash, leakage or irritation and say hello to tension-free periods. On the basis of your flow, you can choose between small, medium and large sizes. It comes with an attractive storage bag as well.

Reusable Period Pads

Reusable period pads are also a great alternative to traditional sanitary napkins. These pads are made of cloth and not plastic which makes them reusable thereby not contributing to any period waste. These pads can absorb menstrual blood for about 4-5 hours depending on your flow after which you need to properly wash and clean them and you can then resume using them again. We understand that cleaning those pads may seem like a daunting task in the beginning, however, after a while, you get used to it. And of course, it doesn't hurt that these reusable period pants are easy on your pocket too. Like Period cups these pads are also reusable saving you from the financial misery of having to buy disposable sanitary napkins every single month. These days, reusable period panties have become quite user-friendly. They usually come with a lining that prevents your cloth from getting stained. They are usually designed to fit comfortably in your pads. So if you are planning on going the sustainable route, consider reusable pads.

Reusable Period Panties

Reusable period panties are a comparatively new product in the market that is becoming a crowd favourite. These are essentially panties that are meant to absorb our menstrual blood. They may look like your regular underwear but they have multiple layers of microfiber polyester. The first question that might come to your mind is “Wouldn’t it be quite uncomfortable since I will literally be always wet down there,” The answer is you won’t feel uncomfortable because these panties are designed to keep your skin away from moisture. The fabric in period underwear contains a moisture-wicking fabric made up of thousands of small filaments. They prevent blood from leaking and staining your clothes. The outer layer of the panty is usually made with nylon and Lycra and to add extra protection they are also often finished with a liquid-repellent film.

We understand that it might feel uncomfortable in the beginning so you can wear pads and tampons with it till you get used to it. The name reusable must give away that you can use these panties over and over again adding zero period waste to the planet and save yourself from the financial burden of having to buy disposable sanitary napkins every single month.

Eco-Friendly Tampons

If you are a tampon user and you are not yet ready to make the jump to another menstrual product but you still wish to be eco-responsible, eco-friendly tampons are a great alternative to your regular tampons. They are made with organic cotton which means they are biodegradable, sparing our planet from the pain of having to bear the burden of the waste for thousands and thousands of years. The tampons can be worn for upto 8 years. However, we recommend you sterilize the tampon before using it. But unlike the previous alternatives, eco-friendly tampons are not reusable, meaning you will have to buy them every month. But this sure is a great stepping stone to opting for even more sustainable options in the future and you will be making a positive impact on the planet by shifting to eco-friendly tampons.

LAIQA Heavy Flow Sanitary Pads

We understand that when we use a product for the longest time, there is inertia when it comes to shifting to new products. This is especially true for menstrual products because, with periods being irritating on their own, we might not want to take the hassle of acclimatising ourselves to a new product. But still, a lot of us would want to take baby steps into being eco-responsible and maybe shift to sustainable alternatives gradually. For those of you, consider using Laiqa Heavy flow sanitary pads, especially on your heaviest days instead of using two normal pads or changing them every couple of hours. These pads are ultrasoft, with 4 wide wings, and designed for leak-proof rapid absorbency for 6-8 hours, without the bulk. LAIQA Heavy Flow Sanitary Pads give you a rash-free experience during your sleep as it's made from the best-quality cotton and no harmful chemicals. Also, it comes with biodegradable disposal bags.

This will definitely reduce the amount of period waste that you generate and while this definitely not one of the most sustainable options, it’s for sure is a stepping stone

So there you go 5 ways to be eco-responsible during your periods, which option are you choosing?

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