5 Steps To Choose The Right Underwear

5 Steps To Choose The Right Underwear

We often end up not paying as much attention to picking the right underwear as we should. But the fact is, wearing the right underwear can make you feel comfortable and confident. The aim is to find underwear that feels like your skin when you’re out doing your daily job, and makes you feel sexy on special occasions. So, having a stack of the right underwear in the wardrobe is a must!   

5 Steps of Choosing The Perfect Underwear

In order to choose the right underwear, we must pay attention to five points. They are as follows:


The first thing to think about while buying underwear is your size. Check your waist size and hipline. It's best to get the measurements done at a store by the shopping assistant, instead of guessing it based on a table available on a website. Double check the size, if necessary, so that you get the right fit. Otherwise, you will end up with underwear that will either bite into the skin (and cause unflattering bulges) or will feel like it's sliding off.


You need to understand when and where you’re going to wear it. Every underwear is born to serve a different purpose, and you are responsible for determining it. What you wear during your trekking trip can’t be the same one you wear beneath the body con dress during your date. The period pants must be set aside from the bikini thongs for the beach day. So, first decide for what reason you need this pair of underwear for.  


Now comes the most important part of the selection process: picking the right shape of underwear based on your purpose. You have a wide range to pick from: thongs, G-strings, boxer shorts, hipsters, briefs, French cut briefs, tummy tuckers, bikini briefs, etc. The names are mostly self-explanatory. Keep aside a bunch of hipsters and classic briefs to wear every day, and when Aunt Flo comes to town, the tummy tuckers and French cuts for high waist jeans or body cons, the boxer shorts for the active days, the thongs and G-strings for when you’re in the mood for something sexy, etc. Accordingly, you’ll get the rear coverage you want.    


Satin, cotton, lace, spandex, viscose - take your pick! Again, it depends on the occasion. For everyday use, cotton and its variations are the best, while spandex variations made of nylon, polyamide, polyester, etc. are ideal for shape wear. And you don’t need to be told how sexy a satin, lace, or viscose underwear can be.   


There are many variations of colours that you’ll get while picking your underwear. Colour coordinating your lingerie has a feel-good factor; it’s like getting secretly pampered all day. Plus, choosing underwear that matches the clothes is also a good idea, to avoid accidental peeks becoming uncomfortable, especially when you’re wearing ultra-low pants, short dress or skirt, or clothes made of thin fabric.  

You might be thinking that these are some obvious aspects to look at while buying underwear, duh! But, most often, we forget to pay full attention to each and every one of them during our shopping spree. Just remember that there’s no shame in owning a huge collection of underwear, especially the ones with seamless bands with no panty-line showing through your skirt or skinny jeggings. Because, a clean and appropriate underwear is the key to changing your mood and making your day!

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