A lot of confusion surrounds the idea of having sexual intercourse during pregnancy. The idea may seem absurd to many. But many women experience heightened sexual urge during this time. Now, the question is, is sex completely off the table for the 10 months of pregnancy? Or, is there any safe way to go about it?

How safe is pregnancy sex?

Unlike what many people might believe or recommend, sex during pregnancy is not unsafe at all. Contrarily, it might actually be good for you. Getting an orgasm can help calm your hormones; after all, the oxytocin released during sex is the happy hormone. It can increase blood flow due to the cardiovascular effect of sexual activities. As a result, the baby, too, benefits.  

Many say that sexual activities can activate the womb and induce labor. It is also believed that semen softens the neck of the cervix, which is helpful during labor. The prostaglandins in the semen can also assist in relaxing the tissues. So, unless your doctor specifically tells you to avoid intercourse for any particular reason, best to enjoy some action. 

Best sex positions during Pregnancy

Now, which are the best positions if you want to get some action during pregnancy? Let’s take a quick look!

a) Cowgirl

This is the classic girl-on-top position in which you get to take control. As you straddle your partner in a kneeling position, you can go as far and as deep as you want. As you face your partner, it is easier to have your breasts, which are quite sensitive now, stimulated.  

b) Reverse Cowgirl

This is a variation of the classic cowgirl position – as you face the feet of your partner. You still retain your control over the pace and the depth of penetration. Depending on the angle at which you lean, you can enjoy clitoral stimulation, while your partner can stimulate you anally.

c) Spooning

This is a relaxing position. As you and your partner lie facing the same direction, your partner enters you from the back. The penetration can’t be too deep; so, it’s going to be gentle, and perfectly suited for the later stages of the pregnancy. It takes the pressure off your back and belly.  

d) Side by Side

A simple position to establish a better connection, this is the position in which you and your partner lie face-to-face. Your partner’s leg position will help find the best angle of penetration. Eye contact, along with control over pace and depth, will make this really enjoyable. 

e) Rear Entry

In this position, you will be on all fours, and your partner will enter you from the back. In this position, communication is the key here, as the pelvis is sensitive during this time, and this position also allows deep penetration. So, let your partner know when you’re uncomfortable.

Positions to Avoid

While you can enjoy intimacy even during pregnancy, it is important to make sure you don’t end up getting hurt. So, you better avoid certain positions. It’s best to skip the missionary position, especially if you have reached the 20th week. That’s because this position can reduce the flow of blood to both the mom and the baby. You might as well avoid prone positions in which you have to lie flat on your stomach. It can get a little uncomfortable. Also, remind your partner not to blow air up your vagina!   


If you’re not willing to take any risk, do talk to your doctor and enquire about penetration, as well as the other forms of stimulation. Because of the hormonal changes during this time, many women face increased urges. Intercourse and orgasm are even known to be helpful. And, now that you know how, there’s no need for you to stay away from all things sexy during pregnancy. 

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