Sexological Bodywork – Guide To Heal From Within

Sexological Bodywork – Guide To Heal From Within

Keeping the busy bustle of routine aside, how often does anyone think of achieving body experiences designed to nurture, deepen or awaken the sensual self?

If you are confused as to what lies ahead, ‘sexological bodywork’ is a term that has been around since 1980’s. Sexological Bodywork is a new modality, a necessary one, which can aid in healing sexual relationships – with one another or with one-self. The study of sexological bodywork was introduced back in the 80’s by Dr. Josef Kramer as a reaction to the AIDS epidemic for especially homosexual men to connect with their sex lives.

We live in a society where the connection between self and intimate-self is frowned upon. We inhabit in our bodies but don’t fully understand them. The fogged clarity and shame around it causes a sense of detachment; especially for women. Women only associate the love for their bodies during sexual experiences. However, this is slowly changing. Vaginas are the new darlings of the world. It’s true! There are new product line-ups for its upkeep and devices dedicated to toning up the much-loved lady parts. However, the real learning opportunity of self-care can be achieved primarily through sexological bodywork.

When it is all about self-love and the options are endless, why not explore this concept?

How Is Sexological Bodywork Different?

Women are open to grooming everything but their sex lives. Some even feel disconnected during sex. A simple body massage is expected to soothe stress and offer a calming experience. So can orgasms. But very few resort to the capacity of looking at sex as a tool to achieve an esoteric, mind-bending and profound experience.

The healing capacity of sex can be unraveled by dropping back into our bodies in an intense way by a respectful dialogue with your autonomic nervous system. As the name suggests, sexological bodywork covers the spectrum of connection of people with their reproductive organs and sexual-selves by dropping the garb of shame. The somatic learning includes coaching in breath, movement, body awareness, boundary-setting, communication, anatomy, sensate focus, massage, erotic trance and other body-based teaching about sex.

How Can Somatic Sex Educators Heal?

As a culture, we lack erotic knowledge. Sex is not mechanical but a well-bodied science of the mind and soul. Somatic Sex Educators not only teach genital anatomy, but also guide on the physiology of multiple orgasms. How to touch, how to negotiate desires, making new choices about your pathways to pleasure, how to consciously access profound ecstatic and erotic states is covered in the sexual matrix of the body.

Who Can Benefit From Sexological Bodywork?

Everyone with genitals! The idea behind sexological bodywork is not just to bring attention and intention towards sex, but also make room to discover authentic desires and get attuned to your own body. It can help couples learn to give and receive mindful, erotic touch with each other while mapping your own pleasure.

For women, trauma is associated within the pelvic space and in the vagina. Anyone experiencing trauma from birth injuries or women in prenatal time who wish to release and prepare for birth can be open to the idea of a sexological therapist.

People see a sexological bodywork practitioner for several experiences as it embodies the ability to expand capacity for joy, experiencing more and more deeply what it is to be fully alive.

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