5 ways to arouse her

5 ways to arouse her

A woman’s body is a mysterious wonderland in itself. Female pleasure was something that was looked down upon until quite recently. It is only now that this conversation has started to pick up the pace. And that is why we have so many female arousal products as well as intimate care products in the markets right now, Imbue firefly being one of them. So now that there is enough conversation around female sexual pleasure, one of the common questions that may haunt guys is, how can I arouse her? Well, we heard you and here are 5 ways by which you can arouse her

Set the mood right: What if we tell you that sex starts way before you guys actually hit the bed? That’s right. It is way more than just penetration. So score some early brownie points by setting the perfect mood for her. Step your game up and treat your lady like the queen she is.  Light some candles, make sure the room smells great. Put on some romantic and sexy music. Most importantly ensure that you look like an absolute snacc.  By looking at the very trailer of it, she will understand that this night is going to be legen..wait for it...dary. 

Foreplay is the key: This cannot be stressed enough. Don’t try to skip all the bases and try to score the home run. This is not a race where you have to come first. Take it slow and enjoy the process. Tease her, build up the suspense, make her anticipate your next move.  Kiss her in places where she hasn’t been kissed before. Don’t be shy to use your lips and tongue on her body and be rest assured that you are going to get the favour back too.

Experiment with female arousal products:  One of the keys to having great sex is experimenting. So if you want to arouse her don’t hesitate to try out items like arousal gels for women, breast massage creams,  lubricants and stuff. And trust us these products can be used in more than one way. Play and have fun with them. Use them as a massage cream to give a full body massage to your partner, or use them on parts that you want to stimulate. Trust us female arousal products can bring out sides and shades of your partner that you might have even seen before. So start googling the best female stimulation products already. 

Explore: Popular culture regulates our understanding of sex and pleasure a lot. From very early on we have been fed with certain visuals and narratives about sex that are not very accurate. Take porn for example. Mainstream porn mostly portrays women as sex hungry beings who need to be stimulated at certain key points to arouse her and make them cum. But that’s not entirely true. Apart from the couple of pleasure points that popular media has shown us, a woman has several other parts in her body that can arouse her if they are shown some love. There is no set formula when it comes to pleasure points in a woman’s body. Each woman is unique and everyone may have their different pleasure spots. So how are you gonna unlock the key to those pleasure points? By exploring of course. Don’t go by what has been taught to you by popular media. Do your own exploring and research and trust me by the end of the night, she will be asking for more.

Dirty Talk: Well, we don’t know what you guys have heard but women actually love dirty talk. Tell her what do you love about her, tell her what you plan on doing to her, ask her what does she want to do to you. A little dirty talk can go a long way in building anticipation and heightening arousal. However, it is important to decide and agree upon boundaries before you go ahead with this to prevent any awkward moments during the act. 

So, there you go. Our list of five ways to arouse her. So what are you waiting for? Go apply your newly learned wisdom to some good use. And don’t forget, safe sex is great sex. 

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