Condoms for coitus. Which one’s the best?

Condoms for coitus. Which one’s the best?

So imagine, you went on a date, everything went great and the guy invited you back to his apartment. Things start to get heated up and just as you both are about to get down and dirty, he says, “Hey, will it be okay if we don’t use intercourse condoms? It kind of kills the fun”. What a bummer right? 

Well, as disappointing as this scenario may sound, it is actually quite common. Intercourse condoms usually have a bad reputation for taking away the “fun” from sex and hence many prefer not to use it. However, this can be quite risky for more than one reason. Let us break it down for you

Risks of not opting for a Coitus Condom

STIs: This obviously is a no brainer, but many of us try to ignore it. But the truth is it is not worth ignoring. Unprotected sex can lead to an array of STIs including HIV. Now that sounds risky, doesn’t it? Contracting an STI can be both painful and embarrassing and the only way to avoid them are through condoms. That’s right, while other birth control may provide protection against pregnancy, only condoms can protect you against STIs. So, never consider skipping it no matter how tempted you are

Unwanted pregnancy: Again a no brainer. When used correctly, condoms can be 97-98% effective against unwanted pregnancy. So if fun and stress-free sex sessions are on your bucket list, never ever forget your good old friend-coitus condoms.

Okay now that have covered the risky part, let’s come to the fun part. Which coitus condom is the best.

Types of Condoms

In today’s day and age condoms, are not just meant for protection. Like other female arousal products, condoms can be a sexual stimulant for females too. So let us go ahead and see what are the different types of intercourse condoms and then choose which one is the best

First up we have the external condom. This is probably the most common type of coitus condom, something that most of us are familiar with. They are affordable, they are readily available and they are effective. Pretty much everything that you would want from a condom

Next, we have internal condoms: Now this is something that many of us might not have heard of. They are also called female condoms as they are commonly meant to be worn inside the vagina. They are not that popular as of yet, but hey if you believe in taking things in your own hand, go for it

Then we have flavoured condoms: With so many memes floating around the internet about flavoured condoms, it is almost impossible not to have heard of them. These condoms are mainly meant for oral sex and could enhance the experience of the one giving the oral sex. With new flavours coming out every other day, it will be tough to choose a favourite.*wink**wink*

Textured Condoms: This has to be a favourite among many. These condoms can have varying textures ranging from being ribbed to dotted and more. These condoms can act as female arousal products as they enhance the experience of the one at the receiving end of the intercourse. Don’t forget to experiment with different textures to find out which you like the most. 

Among these coitus condoms, flavoured and textured condoms seem to emerge as winners mainly because they tend to add to the pleasure as well while providing the needed protection. 

Sex is all about experimenting. There is no one-shot formula to having great sex. Don’t be shy to experiment with female arousal products, try out sexual stimulants for females for example arousal creams meant for women, toys and so on. In this journey find out what works for you and what doesn’t and most importantly have fun and discover yourself along the way. 

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