7 Lies We all Tell and Believe about Female Pleasure

7 Lies We all Tell and Believe about Female Pleasure

Periods, pleasure or procreation - there is something about the letter ‘P’ that often routes to LIES. It’s about time we realised, we all are guilty of sweeping countless lies about “not so talked about things” under the carpet. For long, we have believed and accepted the norms of sexual pleasure that the world and (wo)men have told us! To all beautiful ladies and their charming men, here is an eye opening guide for you all, that is sure to help you come out of your cocoon, and enjoy the beauty of true sexual pleasure.

#Lie 1

Masturbation is wrong for you!

To love yourself is the most basic form of love. And yes, we have grown around the hush-hush of what is down there. But, ladies, all the negative self-talk or neglecting your lady bits,is not helping. Touching yourself and exploring your body is the best way to learn the kind of stimulation that gets you on. Using just your hand with a natural stimulant (hyperlink this to our firefly) of your choice might do the right trick for you.

#Lie 2

The bigger, the better!

The long tales of sexual pleasure and partnered sex talk about “the Size”  might not be as honest as we believe them to be. Shocked much? Well, we were too! Size affects you, only if it does it for you!  Many women are guilty of advocating- “size matter”, however, it’s the technique that plays the pivotal role here. You can get there by exploring positions that work for both partners.

#Lie 3

Toys are for kids!

To pleasure yourself is an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss, think about adding a little partner of your own. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, there were days for barbies and hotwheels, now are for vibrators. There are several online sex toy stores with a plethora of options to come rescue you in the time of need. For some days, your hand might be the saviour, but for others, we’ll say go ahead and buy yourself some grown-up toys!

#Lie 4

External stimulation is a lie

Adding a little bit of external stimulant isn’t harmful. It might just be a gift in disguise for you and your partner. Choosing a healthy and natural impulse might be your gateway to a pleasurable, sexy and steamy session of passion. And, what better than calling our very own “Firefly” to your rescue. We are sure it won’t disappoint you.

#Lie 5

Condoms are a mood killer

Don’t be a victim of myths that are sheer nonsense and talk about choosing yourself before anything or anyone else. Condoms can actually spice up your good times. If you think they are a mood killer, you probably should keep a condom guide handy. If stats are to be believed, 68% of men use the wrong condoms in size, shape and brand. You do research before buying a new hair gel or cream isn’t it? Then chuck the haste buying and first learn more about what kind of condoms will work better for intimate times 

#Lie 6

Women lose interest in sex post marriage

One might be ready to give up his or her entire fortune if that turns out to be true. Marriage or time doesn’t impact Ms Libido; it’s more about the monotony. A wise man rightly said you’ve to make love to a woman’s mind more than her body. Take notes, keep things spicy, to keep her wanting more and more! Women definitely enjoy and look forward to post-marital sex as much as men do. If you can’t read between the lines, be vocal. 

#Lie 7 

Faking it

We’re all guilty of this crime, don’t let society fool you into believing that it does any good to you or your partner. Communication is key, and if you cannot tell your partner what is or is not working for you, you are with the wrong person. Sex is supposed to be mutually pleasurable, and it is not done until BOTH ARE DONE. Ask for it ladies, your orgasm is as important as your partners. 

Just in case you find someone living these lies, bring them to us. Let us together debunk the myths that are rooted in and around female pleasure. All women after all must learn to embrace their desires and keep the shy at bay. 

P.S. It’s time for you to take charge of your pleasure with Imbue’s all natural, healthy female stimulant for women, Imbue Firefly (Your partner for the fun times), or maybe let your partner know the sweet, sweet spot for it!

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