Why Breast Massage Should be a Daily Ritual (Benefits Included)

Why Breast Massage Should be a Daily Ritual (Benefits Included)

Say hello to your mammas! 

Massaging your “chesticles” is infamously known to be an exam for breast cancer, but there is more to it than you know. Breast Massage is and can easily be an essential part of your health & self-love regime. 

It is a practice of caring for the self, and when done in the right way, it can help with stress relief, improve circulation, and release pain and breast tenderness. And the fun part is, Breast massage is also a significant part of the Indian Ayurvedic system of natural medicine, which has been around for more than 2,000 years.

Circular motion massages, often practiced by Ayurvedic professionals, where they will go in a circular motion on your breasts and then move to armpits and breast bone. It might usually differ from person to person, but it is a must-have in your care routine. 

So go ahead, and start feeling yourself, while we tell you a list of reasons, so you don’t forget!

Breast Cancer Detection

Being familiar with your body allows you to know precisely when the change happens. And, while we are talking about breast cancer, early detection can be a lifesaver.

As you glide your fingers along the breast, an unexpected bump can act as a meaningful sign that something dangerous may be hiding under the surface. Benign cells can often form a knot in your breast that leads to the visibility of lumps. Using oils or moisturizing breast massage cream during the early stages of this knot formation, if not prevent it, can be an essential part of detecting breast cancer. 

Lactation & Breastfeeding

This is, especially for the new momma’s in the town; you’ve had your share of pain pushing a human into this world. Take care of yourself, consistently. A regular breast massage can help the milk and blood flow moving through the breasts, making the whole process of breastfeeding a little less painful & much easier. 

It might also be a good thing for a baby. Research is limited, but certain studies found that breast massage improved the number of solids, lipids, and casein concentration in breast milk, aka healthy for babies.

Releasing Tension

Massaging the twins can help ease pain in your chest, and shoulders. You can stay away from over-exerting yourself. And keeping your breast friends happy is a way of keeping yourself more satisfied. The love hormone oxytocin is released when breast massage regularly. 

Breast massage helps in alleviating stress and can also lead to the feeling of being happy. So next time you wish to be your joyful self, pick the Imbue All-Natural Breast Massage Cream and make the most of it!

Sexual Stimulation & Pleasure

Yes, it gets you going, to the big ‘O’. 

Appreciate it with every touch; the more you explore yourself, the better you know. Once you start massaging your breasts, you also increase their sensitivity. Massaging makes you aware of the touch and how it can positively affect your brain cells. 

Also, it is an excellent way of going into the realms of something adventurous in bed.

Firming & Tightening

Usually overlooked, breasts are the most delicate tissue, and mostly age quicker than the rest of your body. Yet, breast care eludes our self-care regimes. 

Let's change that and keep them looking as beautiful as they make you feel. Making sure that you regularly massage your breasts with natural & hygienic intimate care products is the answer. Choose Imbue All-Natural Breast Massage Cream with its combination of hemp oil and khus-khus that are natural emulsifiers for moisturizing, elasticizing, and firming.

Lymphatic stimulation 

The breasts are part of the lymphatic system (so are the armpits), which can become congested and have blockages, particularly if you’ve had surgery in the chest or breast area. Continuous and regular massaging of your breasts can help detox your lymphatic system. You might have to go for a certified practitioner or your Ayurvedic professional for better results. 

Because your breast tissues extend to your lymph nodes, a regular breast massage routine can promote lymphatic drainage. Thereby helping you flush toxins, and unhealthy bacteria, out of your body.

The Bottom Line

Make self-care an important aspect of your daily routine. Choose the all-natural range of Imbue Intimate Care products to help you fall in love with your sensually healthy self. 

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