Effective Home Remedies To Treat Premature Ejaculation Naturally

Effective Home Remedies To Treat Premature Ejaculation Naturally

What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation occurs when orgasm becomes too fast or uncontrollable. Men with premature ejaculation may not be able to delay orgasm because they have little orgasm warning. Premature ejaculation can lead to decreased sexual satisfaction for affected individuals and their partners. There are home remedies for premature ejaculation and exercises can help delay ejaculation. It will help someone become more aware and in control of their senses.

Reasons for premature ejaculation

Psychological Issues

Men facing psychological issues can go through premature ejaculation. It may lead to early ejaculation as well. Here are some of the factors that men should steer clear of immediately-

  • Performance anxiety- It can be due to nervousness about being with a new partner,
  • Fear of having sex again after a long period of abstinence, 
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Feelings of guilt 
  • Over-excitement or stimulation
  • Relationship issues
  • Depression

Biological causes of premature ejaculation

  • Low levels of neurotransmitters
  • Abnormal hormonal levels
  • Inherited traits
  • Inflammation of prostrate
  • Infection of prostrate

It is important to consult a doctor if you have been continuously facing premature ejaculation. Sometimes, a man's stress can be reduced by consulting a doctor and having the reassurance that premature ejaculation is normal. Some men seeking treatment for their symptoms may find it uncomfortable to initiate a conversation during their first interaction with a doctor. It is important to discuss and share any necessary information the physician may need about the patient's current and past sexual and relationship history. Stress management is important. Stressing the condition will only make it worse over time. No matter what the case is, premature ejaculation treatment is important.

Home remedies for premature ejaculation

Exercise for premature ejaculation

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can have a significant impact on how long it takes to reach climax. This type of exercise helps in premature ejaculation cure.

How to do pelvic floor muscle exercises? 

Find the right muscles by pausing midway through when you pee or straining the muscles that are hindering your acceleration. 

Lay down. Contract the pelvic floor muscles for 4 seconds and then relax for 4 seconds. Do this in continuity for at least 10 times in a row. Repeat this at least three times a day. You may gradually increase the number of seconds as your muscles get stronger. 

Try new postures like walking, standing, or sitting. Remember to breathe and focus only on your pelvic floor muscles. Do not tighten your abs, thighs, or buttocks.

The above method will help treat premature ejaculation naturally.

Ayurvedic medicine for premature ejaculation

Ayurveda is India's traditional healing system. We rely on thousands of herbs to treat everything. Yes, even premature ejaculation. Certain Ayurvedic medicines such as Kamini Vidrawan Ras, Kaunch Beej, and Yauvanamrit Vati are said to treat premature ejaculation naturally when taken twice daily with lukewarm water. Ayurvedic medicine is also used to treat erectile dysfunction. One study found that men using Ayurvedic medicine experienced a slight increase in the time it took to ejaculate during sex. There are many ayurvedic medicines for premature ejaculation available in the market. Do thorough research before buying any.

Consult your doctor before adding herbs or supplements to your diet. They can affect other medications you take and are not recommended for everyone.

Premature ejaculation treatment with Oatmeal

Oatmeal may be one of the most effective natural remedies for treating premature ejaculation. Research and medical analysis show that oats are effective in soothing tense muscles, which significantly contributes to delaying male ejaculation and prolonging the duration of intimacy. Oats reduce tension, anxiety, and offer comfort and psychological calmness, and increase pleasure and sexual pleasure during intercourse. Use this home remedy for premature ejaculation. Also, incorporate serotonin, the happy hormone, into your daily diet.

Mint Oil for premature ejaculation treatment

Natural oils play an important role in effectively and naturally resolving the problem of premature ejaculation. One of the best-known types of natural oils that play this role is peppermint oil. Peppermint oil contains several properties that improve erectile function in men. The oil also improves sperm quality and quantity, increasing masculinity. It should be noted that sperm weakening can lead to serious non-ejaculatory or premature ejaculation problems. Peppermint oil also increases the feeling of anesthesia and numbness in the penis, reducing the feeling of arousal that can delay ejaculation preventing you from early ejaculation. Therefore, men who suffer from premature ejaculation can massage their penis with mint oil for a few minutes before sexual intercourse. The problem of premature ejaculation will magically disappear. Try this home remedy for premature ejaculation and see the results yourself.

Bottom Line

Premature ejaculation is a sexual problem. If it is not treated on time, it can lead to serious sexual problems in the future. Try the above-mentioned premature ejaculation treatments to get fast results.  By choosing the right treatment at the right stage, you can get back to the good old sex life with your partner.

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