Is it Possible to Use Condoms and Lubricant at the Same Time?

Is it Possible to Use Condoms and Lubricant at the Same Time?

Condoms and lubricants go a long way in improving your sex life. However, it's critical to understand what works and what doesn't. Lube makes intercourse more pleasurable by making the experience smoother. It can make condoms feel better and keep them from breaking or pulling off, thus allowing them to provide better protection against pregnancy and STIs. Most condoms are pre-lubricated, but you can add more lubrication to make things extra smooth.

What exactly is a lubricant? What it is used for?
Lube, also known as personal lubricant or sexual lubricant, is a slippery gel, liquid, or cream that is used to reduce friction during intercourse. Lube has nothing to do with age. It's a quick and easy solution to make sex more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Why do you feel uncomfortable during sex?
When vaginal tissues are activated, they produce a natural lube for sex, which is referred to as ‘wetness’. The amount of natural lubricant produced varies based on the individual and their unique physiology. However, you might not be able to create enough natural lube to keep the friction at bay. It's not a big deal, and it has nothing to do with your arousal level, your partner's attractiveness, or your sex appeal. In this scenario, a light lubricant that is gentle on both your and your partner's body will enhance the experience and make it more pleasurable for both of you.

Furthermore, if you're having anal sex, lubricant is even more vital. The anus, unlike the vagina, does not produce natural lubricant. Hence, anal sex without lube can be uncomfortable and even painful. 

Which lubricant should not be used with various condom types?
If you're using condoms to avoid STIs and pregnancy, you'll need to choose the correct lubricant to pair with them. Your choice of lubrication is mostly determined by the condom you're using:

Latex condoms- The most common choice. Because latex condoms are made of natural rubber, you have to be extra cautious about the lubricant you use with them. When using latex condoms, avoid all oil-based lubricants. Baby oil, coconut oil, body lotion, and vaseline can break down the latex, causing it to split or break, increasing your risk of pregnancy and STIs. Water-based lubricant is the safest choice for latex condoms because it reduces the risk of the condom splitting and is also much easier to clean up. Imbue Natural’s Firefly All Natural Lubricant & All Natural Stimulant are free from parabens and silicone, absolutely safe and gentle for use. They can work as a wonder potion for partnered sex as well as self-pleasure.

Non-latex condoms- If you're using non-latex condoms that are made of polyisoprene, a synthetic rubber, again, avoid using oil-based lubricants. It reacts with oil in the same way as natural latex does, and hence, it can easily break down. On the other hand, non-latex condoms made of polyurethane are completely safe to use with oil-based lubes.

Which lubricant is safe to use with all condoms?
If you're not sure what your condoms are composed of, go with a water-based lubricant just to be safe. It works with all condoms and sex gadgets, plus it's gentler on the body, too. Unlike oil-based lubricants, which can trap bacteria inside and around the genitalia, water-based lubricants are less likely to cause infections.

To get more information about natural lubrication, different types of lubricants, and how to apply lube, visit Imbue's Sexual Wellness page now!

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