Embrace The Awkward: How to Tackle Recurring Yeast Infections?

Embrace The Awkward: How to Tackle Recurring Yeast Infections?

Infections, in general, can be quite painful and annoying as well. Be it a throat infection, or an infection in the eye, nobody loves them. However, one can agree that an infection down there takes up the embarrassment and awkwardness quotient by several notches. Yep, we are talking about yeast infections. As annoying as they are, yeast infections are actually pretty common. 3 out of 4 women are likely to experience vaginal yeast infections and the good news is they can be treated pretty easily.

So in case, you are wondering what causes this yeast infection and how can you tackle it. Well, you have arrived at the right destination.

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What Causes Yeast Infections?

Well, typically, the infection down there is the conspiracy of a particular variety of yeast called candida. Now, the funny thing is we all have yeast in our body, however, when it starts to multiply rapidly, that is when the infection makes its grand entry. A classic example of an excess of anything harmful.

Now when does that multiplication exactly occur? It is not like one fine day it wakes up and decided to multiply. So as we mentioned, yeast is normally present in everyone’s body and when it is balanced with our body’s ecosystem, it causes no issues. However, when that balance is disrupted, that is when that yeast starts multiplying and well…mayhem strikes…well we are exaggerating, but you get the drift.

What Causes Yeast Infection

Now, this imbalance can again be triggered by a host of reasons. For example
An antibiotic medication that you may be taking for treating some other infections says UTI can trigger an imbalance by killing the good bacteria in your vagina. These bacteria were the ones responsible to keep the yeast in check. Now, with them gone, the yeast will have a free pass to multiply.

  • Taking hormonal birth control can also trigger yeast infection.
  • Lastly having diabetes can also trigger yeast infection.

Symptoms of Yeast Infection

Symptoms of Yeast Infection

Yeast infection comes with its tell-tale signs and more often than not it will let you know that it has arrived with all the uneasiness it will put you through. But in case you are wondering if you have a yeast infection down there or not, look out for these signs

  • A constant itchy as well as burning sensation around your vagina and vulva.
  • Heavy white discharge.
  • Redness and swelling down there.
  • A burning sensation while peeing.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, then honey it is time for you to visit the gynaecologist.

How to Tackle Recurring Yeast Infections?

How to Tackle Recurring Yeast Infections

Now, one of the worst things about yeast infections is that they recur. So, just because you had them once doesn't mean you will not have them again, So how can you tackle this recurring…headache...if we may call it so. Let us take a look - 

1. Be Hygienic Down There

Taking care of your privates is the most important aspect of taking care of your sexual health and our Imbue intimate hygiene foam has made, keeping that aspect in mind. It comes in a handy 50 ml pack and doesn’t require water for application, making it your perfect travel buddy and for hygiene while at work. Naturally formulated, it cleanses, moisturizes, and helps in reducing irritation, and itching while preventing bacterial and fungal infections all while maintaining the natural pH of the skin.

2. Don’t Douche

Douching is a method of flushing water up to your vagina in an attempt to clean it. Many believe that douching can also help prevent STDs and STIs.

However, this is completely unnecessary and even detrimental. The vagina is self-cleaning. You don’t have to put anything inside your vagina to clean it. If anything douching can mess up the pH of your vagina by flushing out the good bacteria which help is essential to keep that yeast at bay. Also, there is no evidence that douching can prevent any sort of STIs. So it is best to stay away.

3. Stay Away from Scented Products Down There

We all are made to feel continuous about how we smell down there. But the truth is, we are not meant to smell like a valley of roses down there. So don’t give in to the temptation of smelling nice down there and apply any fragrant sprays or lotions. These products contain ingredients that can truly irritate your vagina and trigger yeast infections.

4. Change Underwear Regularly

We know this goes without saying but this is something we all must never skip. Sweating, discharge and all of that can make the situation, down there..pretty damp and yeast mostly multiplies in damp areas. So, make sure to change your underwear regularly and stay dry and hygienic down there.

5. Opt for Probiotics

Probiotics have been proven to be very effective when it comes to maintaining vaginal pH and preventing yeast infections at bay. That is mainly because probiotics contain lactobacilli. As we have already mentioned lactobacilli is a good bacteria that is responsible for the acidic nature of our vagina which in turn helps keep the bad guys meaning infections off. So, consuming probiotic supplements or foods like yoghurt or kefir which contain probiotics can help you in maintaining or restoring your vaginal pH thereby helping to prevent yeast infections as well.

6. Consult your Gynaecologist

There is no denying the fact that most of us avoid visiting our gynaecologist. However, that might not be the best route to take. Many a time we ourselves cannot decipher if our sexual and intimate health is on point. So having regular visits with our gynaecologist is a good way to ensure that any kind of infections down there are taken care of.

There’s no getting around the fact that yeast infections can be annoying to no end. But with the right hygiene practice, you surely can keep them at bay.

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