Panchvalkal - Vaginal Hygiene Gets Ayurvedic Makeover

Panchvalkal - Vaginal Hygiene Gets Ayurvedic Makeover

Public restrooms in our country are a huge challenge for women. Finding a clean restroom, whether, on a train, a restaurant, or a public toilet is a task.  Now add to that a day when you are on your period and need to change your pad; trouble?

We live in a country where openly discussing genital hygiene, specifically vaginal, has a very low uptake. Women are doing everything they can to address vaginal wellness at home in a muted manner – kegel exercises, intimate wash, and more. While this is the correct method to go about vaginal wellness, most women adopt absolute incorrect methods such as using soap, douching, wearing uncomfortable underwear, or even applying powder down there – the reason why gynecologists have a pile of patient reports suffering from yeast infections, UTIs and many other vulvar diseases.

As important as it is to understand the anatomy and what works best for it, it’s also necessary to make wise choices. Vaginal foams and washes are common products on retail stands these days. But if the vaginal washes have chemical-based composition, it becomes difficult to use them daily or long term because of the obvious detrimental effects. To fill this gap, Ayurveda researchers and indigenous industry players have worked around the use of strong chemicals in personal hygiene products for women and shifted gears towards natural formulation using natural ingredients. 

A combination of natural plants and seeds such as aloe vera, neem leaves, hemp seeds, menthol and ayurvedic goodness from majufal, agnishikha, panchvalkal can bring about significant changes in your body. Let’s talk in-depth about one such important element from these Ayurvedic formulas ‘Panchvalkal kwath’.

What is Panchvalkal kwath?

Panchvalkal is a formula of five extremely powerful and healthy herbs that keep infections at bay and expedites healing from diseases. These five components are –

  • Nyagrodha (Ficus bengaenesis Linn.)
  • Udumbara (Ficus glomerata Roxb.)
  • Ashvatha (Ficus religiosa Linn.)
  • Parisha (Thespesia populanea Soland ex correa)
  • Plaksha (Ficus lacor Buch-Ham.)

When combined in equal proportions, they result in “Panchvalkal kwath” – a mixture that results in a combined astringent and cleansing effect.

Benefits of Panchvalkal kwath –

  • Panchvalkal is effective in uterus cleansing
  • Purifies blood and body
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Treats fallopian tube blockage
  • Heals wounds & infections fastidiously

It is common for women to have vaginal discharges, which often have a greenish or yellowish color. The most common way that most women adopt is to see the OB-GYN and pop antibiotic pills. Sometimes, treating the root cause of the bodily dysfunction is vital than seeking temporary fixes. Panchvalkal powder is a natural solution that addresses these concerns and brings the body back to its normal functioning state. Panchvalkal is great in treating wounds of diabetic people which do not heal faster. It helps fight in dealing with pain in any part of the body – be it the stomach, arthritis, or headache.

How should you include Panchvalkal in your daily wellness routine?

While Panchvalkal powder is available in almost every medicinal store, you will not benefit from it if not consumed regularly as prescribed by the doctor. Over time, as you consume it religiously for quite some time, only then will you be able to avail of all its benefits.

Now if you want to specifically address your intimate hygiene issues, it may also come as a no-brainer as to why brands integrate this component in their product formulation. Imbue is one such intimate-care brand that rightly boasts of its vaginal wash/foam products that contain all herbal ingredients and specifically use Panchvalkal kwath. You can research the many benefits of Panchvalkal kwath for intimate hygiene online.

Vaginal washes and foams come in real handy when one is unable to find proper sanitation and bathing facilities when travelling to remote locations. More so, with increasing players in vaginal wellness using Ayurvedic components in their products, there is an apparent readiness by women to adopt their usage. Products like Imbue intimate hygiene wash and foam, provide you peace of mind when using public bathrooms or on a period or even after having given birth that the intimate area is in a good condition and taken care of.

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