5 summer skin problems you can easily prevent

5 summer skin problems you can easily prevent

Going into the summer can be such an exhilarating time, but it’s all fun and games until the sun’s heat affects your skin, including your face and intimate area. Pimples start emerging as problem areas start to become more irritated because of how warm the weather is.

To address skin irritation during summer, you must first know what these common skin problems are so you’ll know how to prevent them. Here are some of the most persistent skin conditions during the sunny season:

1. Acne

Some people need to deal with acne all year round, but the gist is that more sun exposure and heat will entail a lot of sweating. Not only that, but your pores will tend to be more visible and open. This can be quite the danger if you’re the type of person to touch their face a lot because bacteria can easily sneak in and develop into acne.

One way of preventing this is to constantly keep your surroundings clean and to wash your face. There’s no real way of controlling the heat, so you just need to make sure your hands are clear from bacteria. Be sure to change clothes when the sweat builds up because breakouts don’t just occur on the face.

2. Dry Skin

Many dread the summer mostly because of the sun’s general effect on the atmosphere and, as a result, their skin. The air is dry, and there’s no drop of moisture until you’re finally sweating. The damage is done, though, because the sun’s heat just sucks up any natural dewiness your skin has, leaving it dry and flaky.

Moisturising ingredients like Shea butter and hyaluronic acid will be your best friend during these times. Whether it be a hair care product, face care product, body lotion and intimate wash, find something that can help keep your skin supple and hydrated to compensate for the summer sun.

3. Sun Spots

You’re not imagining those flat brown spots by your face; they’re actually quite real. Sun spots or melasma come as a result of the pigmentation. The sun’s UV rays tend to destroy the melanin in a person’s skin and make certain areas appear darker than they usually are.

Special treatment should usually be used for melasma to combat it. Sunscreen is usually needed to protect the skin from the sun. Aloe vera can also be an excellent ingredient to prevent any signs of pigmentation.

4. Heat Rash

Rashes on the body can usually develop out of the heat when your clothes’ material starts rubbing on different parts of your skin. This doesn’t bode well for sweat either, as sweat usually accelerates and helps the rashes to come through.

Try to stay away from the heat and keep a fan on and find a body wash that can provide a cooling sensation. You should also try to avoid tight-fitting clothing and go for baggy or breathable material instead. This goes for underwear, tops and bottoms.

5. Sunburn

Beaches are the prime locations for summer hangouts, but they’re also a prime location for getting a sunburn. Even those who don’t have sensitive skin will find that the sun’s heat a little too much, and it takes too much time to nurse it back to health.

Sunburns can also contribute to skin cells becoming weaker, increasing the chances for skin cancer. Try to find some shade as much as possible when you’re outside and apply a generous amount of sunscreen for protection.


Protect yourself from any skin problems during the summer by being aware and using these tips. With a good skincare routine, a Ph-balancing intimate wash, loose-fitting clothing and a bit of shade, you’re all geared up for the summertime and fun out from the sun.

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