Simple and Effective Tips for maintaining feminine hygiene

Simple and Effective Tips for maintaining feminine hygiene

What does feminine hygiene mean?

Feminine hygiene is nothing but maintaining reproductive health. Having good vaginal hygiene can keep you away from foul odors and diseases. Washing the area with chemical-free intimate wash and keeping the area dry can go a long way in maintaining feminine hygiene.


5 Tips for maintaining feminine hygiene


Cleaning with chemical-free intimate wash



The vagina is like a self-cleaning machine. If you've ever seen your underwear leak, assuming it doesn't have a new smell or color, it's proof that your vagina is working properly. On the other hand, the vulva does not clean itself. The vulva is a skin, and it's an area that needs to be cleaned just like any other area of ​​the body. A mild, unscented soap with water is more than enough to maintain feminine hygiene.


Maintaining vaginal hygiene after sex

Maintaining vaginal hygiene after sex


All you need to do is pee to keep up with vaginal hygiene. Urinating helps get rid of any bacteria that may have entered the urethra during play, which can help reduce the risk of UTIs. You can also gently dab the vulva with your fingers, but do not wash or rub the inside.


Grooming as a part of feminine care



Pubic hair has many important biological functions. This includes protecting the delicate skin of the vulva from rubbing during sex and other activities. But there's no research showing that pubic hair has any vaginal hygiene function. That said, if you choose to have some or all of your pubic hair removed, how you do it matters a lot. You should use a new blade every time to avoid cuts or infections. If that seems too expensive, at least specify a vulva-only blade. This way, you don't use a blade that has become dull from shaving elsewhere on your body. When you're done, dry the razor and store it in your closet instead of on the ledge of the shower. This can help prevent the razor from growing mold and rust. This is a good way to maintain intimate hygiene.


Hygiene during menstruation

Menstrual Hygiene


There is no vagina that doesn't smell and if you hear it from someone, it’s a complete lie! The vagina can have many odours. Your vaginal odour can change depending on your diet and menstrual cycle. If the odour is pungent and unpleasant, contact your doctor or other health care provider. Some conditions, such as bacterial vaginosis, can cause your vagina to have a strong odour. You can wash your vulva in the same way during your menstruation. There is no extra effort required to maintain your vaginal hygiene at this time. However, while using pads or tampons make sure that you change every 4-5 hours to avoid bacterial infection.


Monitoring to avoid complications

Monitoring Intimate Health


The best way to know if something is wrong with your vagina and vulva is to get familiar with it. If you have been experiencing foul odour, excessive itching, or too much of discharge then consult your family doctor. 

Suggestions by Imbue? Take the time to learn how your vagina works. How? By taking a slow shower, sniffing your panties, examining your genitals with a hand mirror, and touching them with your own hands. There are many feminine hygiene products available in the market, however, it is recommended to go through the ingredients before you click the buy button. This is how you will be able to maintain good vaginal hygiene.

Our final words on Feminine hygiene


Whichever way you choose to keep your privates, a gentle intimate hygiene routine can go a long way in keeping things clean. Imbue’s Daalia Intimate Hygiene Wash has been crafted from plant extracts and is cruelty-free, alcohol-free, vegan, and paraben-free. This is considered the best intimate wash for women. It has naturally formulated with ingredients like aloe vera, neem, banyan, and tea tree oil inspired from the ancient ayurvedic practice of Yoni Prakshalanam. It also helps in maintaining PH balance. Daalia Intimate Wash is free of any chemicals and is completely safe to use. 

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