Tips to go braless

Tips to go braless

The relief that a girl experiences after going bra-less is almost incomprehensible; a snap and it’s as if you are free, liberated from all those constraints! But not everyone with boobs can find going braless ‘natural’. This is true if you have been faithful to the ‘bra routine’ for the longest time. And those, especially the ones who have body reservations – big boobs, sagging boobs and so on, may find that its best to secure them tight in the gilded confines of the good’ol bra.

But first, how does going braless feel?

Going braless is totally a personal choice. The bra-free world is carefree, however awkward in the beginning. You might feel that people are noticing that you aren’t wearing a bra and start labeling you as ‘lose’ , ‘slutty’, ‘asking for it’ and even ‘shameless’. Honestly, who cares?! Wearing a bra, for some, is just a social rule. Once you start going bra-free you’ll soon realise that it was all just a ‘mind over body’ game. The breasts are wholly a part of you, so you decide whether to cover it specifically or not.

How does one venture into feeling totally comfortable being braless? Here are some tips –

Ease into the braless territory at home first

Carry the braless vibe from your room to the living room, kitchen, balcony and all through the day as such.

One step further with a ‘bralette‘

Need to take your dog out? Out of milk and need to run to the nearest grocery store? Try getting these simple chores with a bralette underneath. Bralettes are less constricting. They are easy but efficient on the support, don’t have straps that badly press into the skin and at the same time provide enough security to the mind.

Use fashion tape or nipple covers

Haven’t you always wondered how some girls effortlessly carry the over-plunging necklines and backless dresses? Tape is the secret. The double-sided tape, easily available at general stores or a medical is the safest bet for a plunging neckline and no-bra. It sticks well to your skin and avoids nipple show. Another popular favourite is the stick-on nipple cover. Now the stick-ons are so easy to use that you’ll be addicted to a no-bra life. They come in skin-coloured shades, so you can wear them under a white top too.

By now if you have acclimatized to a bra-free life, you’ll be more than happy to stock up on these pasties.

Bodysuit breasts

Bodysuits are the best. Tight and stretchy they rarely require the need of a bra. When you have the pasties and the tight bodysuit to tuck the breasts in their place, who needs a bra anymore?!

Are there any health hazards or benefits of going braless?

No studies until now have confirmed on the benefits of going braless. Doctors recommend that you shouldn’t wear a bra when sleeping. Breasts also need to breathe; so night time is the best to let them be free.

When to not go braless?

Don’t go braless when exercising. Breasts need support when in a rigorous activity such as jumping or running. Sports bras are specifically designed to support the breasts when working out. It is not recommended to not use a bra when exercising.

Lastly, if you aren’t ready to give up on a bra, don’t! The ultimate deciding factor is comfort. There is no moral route towards a ‘bra’ or ‘bra-free’ life. Just don’t do what the trend says or follow what your friends are doing blindly. Set your own rules!

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