Why is the V Talk important?

Why is the V Talk important?

“She is a bold woman” is more often an opinion than an adjective. Since the time we can retrace our steps back there’s a stigma associated with women having a conversation about their bodies, issues and desires. The unfortunate thing is, not just men, even women disapprove of any discourse of this nature.  

Funnily, whether it is the first promotion, the drunk call about a break-up or the juiciest of gossip, we find comfort in fellow women more often than not. But for some reason, even in the 21st century, there is a looming hesitance and taboo around conversation regarding intimate hygiene and health. 

 The cultural shift that the world is witnessing also demands a transition in the mindset. And this mindset is outweighing women’s need to talk about deep-rooted issues that are affecting their lives on a daily basis. Be it questions about consent or something as fundamental as the female anatomy, it largely goes unaddressed.  

If we dig deep as to why we are ashamed to talk about our unique female problems, we’ll realise the answer is simple: there’s a lot of societal baggage attached to it. And the only way this taboo will dissipate is through finding the comfort to have the V talk.   

Why have the V talk?  

  1. A meteor of realisation will hit you 

You will realise that a huge chunk of the problems, that you think is abnormal or out of the ordinary, is in fact, not that strange after all. Like all that frenzy about period sex, itchiness down there is just the beginning of the list. So, only if we talk to each other about these issues, a wave of relief would hit us that hey, this indeed is normal. And if it isn’t you’ll know that an appointment with your gynaecologist is long overdue. 

  1. Will block out all red flags

When we internalise issues regarding our body, we allow the problem to get to a point where we don’t know how to go about it. Thus, it is smarter to have a conversation with someone you’re incredibly comfortable with and pour your heart out, about your vagina, of course. Whether it is about types of orgasms, discomfort during menstruation or yeast infection, just talk to know what works and if professional help is needed. But talk! 

  1. Healthy vaginas, happy women 

Often vaginal dryness or itching can be easily dealt with a proper routine with intimate wash care like Imbue Hygiene Wash. And if you’re always on your feet and work a job, talk to your female colleague you’re close to and you’ll realise y’all in the same boat and something as simple as Imbue Hygiene Foam which is a great waterless cleanser can put your mind and vajayjay at ease. But if you don’t talk to each other, how will you ever help each other out. Just discussing that sweet pastel nail paint isn’t enough now, is it?

Remember, women already have millions of issues that need us to face the world, let us not make our intimate health one. And why not make things one for one another, a health V talk can bring solutions to problems you’ve been battling alone. So, take your phone, call that friend/sister/colleague/family member and take a step towards talking about vaginal health because…repeat with us…it is perfectly acceptable.

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