10 Questions About Vaginas Every Man Wants to Ask But Doesn't

10 Questions About Vaginas Every Man Wants to Ask But Doesn't

The way a man perceives the vagina can have a significant impact on his romantic life. Basically, if you know a lot about vajayjay, your spouse or partner will probably gonna worship you for life. 

But, as you know, the constant awkwardness around sex education in India drives many males just to be SUSSHH about their secret queries. 

As a result, most guys do get fascinated by vaginas but are not brave enough to straightforwardly ask intimate vagina questions to women around them.

 Guess what, guys?Cherish this as your safe space because we have answered most of your burning vag-queries down below. 

1. How does vaginal sex feel?

Females will initially experience pressure, followed by warming sensations as the penis goes deeper inside. 

Some women may also feel pain or tear in the vagina, especially if she's a virgin. 

In contrast, some other ladies may feel constant pressure on their bladder due to the high-intensity thrust applied by their male partners during penetrative sex. 

But, most of the time she experiences fullness and warmth.


2. What's up with vaginal discharge?

A clear or whitish fluid naturally emerging from the vagina is vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is normal for women, and every woman must deal with this because this process is necessary to maintain her intimate health and cleanliness.

Discharge is normal, but changes to the consistency, color, or smell could point to an infection or other serious issues in women's intimate health. 


3. Does every woman have a G-spot?

Yeah, we can understand where it's coming from. Many men find it challenging to hit that G-spot while physically interacting with their female partners. 

Do you know?-G-spot is a putative erogenous area deep inside the vagina, and it's widely accepted among many women, but it's still controversial in the medical literature.

According to a PubMed medical review, medical studies on the innervation of the vaginal walls did not consistently discover a region that may be referred to as a G-spot. 

So yeah, you're not alone who’s unable to locate or identify it. :D

But, some medical resources also articulate that rather than being a component itself, the G-spot is an erogenous zone- an internal part of "the clitoral system."

G-spot can be an erectile tissue that wraps around the urethra inside vaginal walls, also known as the Urethral Sponge. And the result of stimulation around this area in some women could lead them to orgasm. Whereas, in others, they may not feel anything.


4. Do all vaginas appear or smell the same?

Vaginas and vulvas are as distinct for every woman. Although they all have the same elements, each one's appearance varies based on their size, color, and smell.

And honestly, flowers are not one of the many scents a healthy vagina may smell like. 

A vagina can smell slightly fishy and earthy. Depending on your gal's daily nutrition and menstrual cycle, her vagina may change in odor very frequently. 

If the smell down there is pungent and unpleasant, ask her to contact a healthcare provider.


5. Is vaginal orgasm different from clitoral orgasm?

The orgasm that some women experience when they are only being stimulated by penetration of the vagina has been referred to as a vaginal orgasm.

Some women claim that the orgasm they experience when stimulated more directly through the external portion of their clitoris, which is located a short distance above the entrance to the vagina, differs from the orgasm they experience when they are stimulated vaginally.

However, it has been proven that the clitoris is considerably larger than the tiny tip of muscle you can see outside.

The urethra, the tube via which urine travels from the bladder to the outside, and additional tissue that extends deeper into the female body are both wrapped by the clitoris.

Hence, all types of female orgasms are linked to the stimulation of the clitoris, leading her to curl her toes. So, there is not much difference among types of female orgasms, but what can be diffrent every time you have sexual intercourse is the intensity of her orgasm and how long it lasts.


6. Why do women have acne around the vaginal area?

Due to humidity, moisture, or sweating, a condition known as Folliculitis may occur. This introduces germs into the pubic hair follicles around the vagina leading to rash, blisters, pimples, acne, and redness down there.

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7. What feels better down there, penetrative or oral sex? 

Man, everything depends on the technique! Both types of sexual stimuli can feel somewhere between okay to amazing. Also, it depends on what your lady feels most comfortable doing to reach an orgasm. 

But, if you still want to dig in deep, read how these 22 women on Reddit described the feeling of penetrative and oral sex from the perspective of a person with a vagina.


8. Is getting waxed or shaved down there a horror scene for women?

Bikini wax can be really really painful depending on who you ask and their pain tolerance. Because the pubic hair is removed at the root, some women feel waxing is more painful than shaving. 

Whereas, if done carefully, shaving is not painful at all, but many women hate the thorn-like uncomfortable public hair growth afterward; thus they avoid shaving down there.

So, it depends on different women how they feel about the different hair removal methods.

9. After vaginal childbirth, does the vagina enlarge or stretch out?

Not really. The vagina is curated to expand and accommodate a baby. After delivery, the vaginal tissue often tightens back to its pre-pregnancy size. Moreover, vaginal tightness is affected by hormone levels in the female body.


10. Do women ever just randomly feel themselves down there like guys?

Just like men, women can be aroused upon viewing or thinking of something enticing without becoming horny. Even if you are not physically stimulated or in a sexual setting, the body will often respond physiologically to certain stimuli around you.

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