8 Questions Answered About Feminine Hygiene Post Sex - Bath to Bed

8 Questions Answered About Feminine Hygiene Post Sex - Bath to Bed

Ladies, cleaning up after sex is as important as your CMT routine for that beautiful face you oh-so-religiously follow every morning! Between the foreplay – kissing, nibbling, sweating, licking, holding and so much more, there are a number of bodily fluids that make an appearance on the sheets, your clothes and the surfaces you might do it on! There’s no other way than maintaining a good routine to clean up after sex. Here are some most pressing questions answered about feminine hygiene post sex –

  1. How do I clean my genital area?

Always clean from front to back. Your vagina has its own filtering system so it doesn’t need anything extra except for a little warm water and a really mild wash care solution. Preferably an organic one with natural ingredients such as the Imbue Vaginal Wash Care comes handy for keeping bacteria away from the vagina post sex.  It’s not a thumb rule to immediately hop into the shower after sex. You can lie down, cuddle for a bit and then get onto the cleaning routine. When using vaginal foam such as the Imbue Natural Intimate Hygiene Foam, you just need two pumps and a gentle application over the genital areas. The foam is effective without water. Since Imbue is an all-natural formulation with ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil, neem & banayan fig, the vulva remains moisturized, soft and infection-free.

  1. Can I rub the vagina with soap/ shampoo or face wipes?

Never wash your vagina with soaps, deodorants, or harsh wipes. Douching is a big no-no! Gentle cleaning keeps infections at bay but douching or washing with harsh chemicals can throw your vagina’s pH level out of its course and cause yeast problems or other serious reactions.  If you have sensitive skin or you already have an infection, they might dry out or irritate the area.

  1. Should I pee immediately after sex and will it avoid pregnancy?

Haha, no! That is a myth. Once the sperm gets into your vagina you can’t pull it out like a tampon! The urge to pee generally comes with an orgasm because your muscles have done all the hard work to reach climax. Empty the bladder as it helps flush out the bacteria that may have entered the urethra during sex. 

  1. I tend to feel drowsy or unable to move post sex?

Always hydrate after intercourse; it’s an exercise after all. This will ensure your energy is restored and you don’t feel dizzy or nauseous post sex. It’s a good idea to pee after a roll in the hay! More water means more pee meaning you flush out more bacteria before any infections can flare up. 

  1. Slipping into that used underwear post sex; do you think it’s a good idea?

Do you tend to wear used clothing post sex? If so, here’s why you should immediately change this habit. The body releases fluids during foreplay whether its sweat or discharge. These fluids tend to stay on your hands, bedspreads and even your clothes if you don’t wash your hands. Pick a fresh undergarment after you shower. Also allow your vagina to breathe with soft, cotton underwear. Avoid pantyhose, girdles or lace material as it might cause irritation or infection. Your vagina needs to breathe. 

  1. We had sex without a condom, does this change the post-sex cleaning routine?

This is a common mistake in intimacy. Using a condom is the safest way to prevent UTI and other sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms also help one enjoy intimacy without having to worry about an unwanted pregnancy. But if you do it without protection, wash your hands, be gentle with you vagina and ensure you track your period.

  1. Why does the vagina smell down there post sex, is it normal?

This is mostly needless worrying. The vagina’s pH is acidic. There’s dampness and moistness down there, so you get the smell. Unless there is absolutely unbearable foul odour and it starts to get uncomfortable or itchy, this is nothing to worry about.

Every woman must follow these basic feminine hygiene tips to ensure that your sex life is healthy at all times. Never try self-medication and always consult a gynecologist for tips on hygiene and vaginal care.

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