Basic Skin Care Tips For The Summer Months

Basic Skin Care Tips For The Summer Months

Ah! The bright and sunny summer is here! That means, lot of sweating, getting scorched in the sun, and feeling like you’re about to melt or pass out. Just like the inside of your body, your skin, too, needs to be taken care of during this time. Here are some basic summer skin care tips for you to keep your skin feeling fresh.

Summer Skin Care Tips

Remember that beauty is all about what’s on the inside. No, no, we are not trying to be preachy about being a good person (though that’s important, too.) We’re saying that if you’re not healthy on the inside, chances are, your skin will show that. So, here are some skin care tips for the summer to stay beautiful, inside out.

Stay Hydrated

Is this even worth mentioning? Yes, it is. As the work at home and the office keeps us busy throughout the day, we forget to drink water and end up replacing it with coffee or cold drinks, which definitely is no good for hydrating our body. Set reminders on the phone and drink water to stay fresh. It’s also a good idea to drink fruit-infused water or green tea occasionally, if plain water is too boring.

Enjoy the Juicy Seasonal Fruits

Mother Nature knows what’s best for us. That’s why summer comes with a host of juicy fruits like mangoes, lychees, pears, watermelon, etc., as well as a host of berries and citrus fruits. Have your fill of these during summer to soothe your liver, and give your skin a natural glow. Plus, once you’re done eating, you can always use the remnants like the peels and fibres for a facial mask!

Clean Your Face Regularly

The sweat makes it easy for the skin to get oily and catch grime. The best way to prevent it from setting into the pores to cause acne is to wash your face regularly. Carrying a small facewash tube with you is a great idea. Besides, don’t let go of any chance to splash some water on your face to wash away the sweat and keep it hydrated. You can also carry some rose-water, wet wipes or toner, and apply it at regular intervals. Also using a face scrub atleast once a week as it helps in removing dead skin cells, cleaning clogged pores and keeping it squeaky clean.

Use a Light Moisturiser

Skipping the moisturiser is a bad idea that many people resort to, especially in summer. Instead, find yourself a light, water-based moisturiser or gel. Serums can also be a good substitute. These will help to keep the skin hydrated and soft, especially after all the washing with soap or even facewash. Remember to look up the ingredients and reviews of the products before you end up buying something heavy.

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

Yet another product with a bad name is the sunscreen. If you’re scared of the harmful effects of the sunscreen or your face turning white, you can go ahead and pick a sunscreen gel. There are matte-finish sunscreen creams or lotions if your skin gets shiny in sweat easily. You can even find sunscreen compact-powders to use directly on the skin or on top of gel or lotion for a dry finish! As the sun gets more merciless with the advancement of summer or if you are required to stay in the sun for a long time, remember to use a sunscreen with higher SPF., for better protection.

These summer skincare tips might seem too basic, but these are some of the obvious things we keep missing on a regular basis, while investing our time and energy in high-end products and complicated detanning and hydrating procedures. Keep things simple, and enjoy looking fresh and glowing from the inside, throughout the hot, scorching, humid months!

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