Discreet shopping in India

Discreet shopping in India

Offering a discreet shopping experience as an eCommerce business has become an absolute must, especially if the platform offers stuff for adult recreation and sexual health. That is why offer a discreet shopping experience to all our customers which includes both discreet shipping and packaging. The privacy of our customers is supremely important to us and our mission is to always provide a great customer experience. So what is discreet shopping? Let’s find out

What is discreet packaging?

discreet packaging is a type of packaging that ensures no one can identify what is inside the package by looking at it. It makes sure that no one apart from business and the customers get to know the content of the packaging and this includes the person delivering the package as well.

What does Discreet Packaging look like? 

Discreet packages will usually be devoid of any company branding and the invoice will contain the order number instead of the product description. It will mostly be plain packaging. 


What is Discreet Shipping Used for?

Discreet packaging is used whenever there’s a need to protect the identity of what is inside the package. Now, this can include things which may be related to adult recreation and sexual pleasure like adult toys, condoms, lingerie, sexual wellness products and so on. Discreet packaging may also cover certain luxury items, certain medicines and medical items etc. 

Strong Communicating Through Discreet Packaging

Discreet packaging can be a unique way for companies to establish strong connections with their customers, especially for small budding businesses. It is a reflection of the fact that you understand your customer and take active steps to provide them with the best customer experience to them

Challenges for implementing discreet packaging

While there are many merits to providing discreet packaging and shipping, there are certain challenges as well. International eCommerce businesses may face custom clearance and storage issues if your packaging does not comply with requirements. 

Therefore it is important for businesses to ensure that their packaging regulations and requirements in the markets they operate in to ensure their discreet packaging can be shipped seamlessly.

So, there you go, next time you are ordering something fun and racy, you don’t have to worry about your neighbour finding out about it, thanks to discreet shopping 

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