Getting the pHacts Straight: What You Need to Know About Vaginal pH Balance

Getting the pHacts Straight: What You Need to Know About Vaginal pH Balance

The concept of pH levels may seem like a distant memory from your high school days, but chemistry dictates that it determines how basic or acidic a specific element can be. It may not seem all too important, but it plays a vital role in your vaginal balance, and therefore, your overall health. 

A healthy vaginal pH balance means your intimate area is healthy, with no semblance of itch and foul odour. Any imbalance will likely signal a problem, such as the dreaded yeast infection and even bacterial vaginosis. 

In an effort to help you understand the importance of your vaginal pH level, and how you can keep it at a healthy level, we’ve curated this quick and easy guide for you to follow. Here, we talk more about the pH balance, the normal levels, and how you can keep it as balanced as possible. Let’s begin:

Understanding the vaginal pH balance

Simply put, the pH measures how acidic or basic an element can be. In the context of your vagina, the vaginal pH level essentially pertains to the acidity of your vaginal fluid. Anything that isn’t in the normal level can be dangerous, as it makes the vagina prone to bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and even sexually transmitted diseases. Here, your mucosal layer is essentially weakened.

What should a normal vaginal pH balance be?

In the general context of pH levels, 7 means neutral. Below the number 7 is acidic, whereas anything above it is basic. Your vagina’s normal pH is considered as acidic, but bear in mind that a healthy vaginal pH should be between 3.8 and 4.5.

How can I keep my vaginal pH at a healthy balance?

Should you find your vaginal pH levels higher without any symptoms of infections or disease, there are several ways you can reduce it. It’s always best to consult your OB-GYNE for the best results, however, but these home remedies are sure to help you balance out the acidity: 

  • Make sure to avoid douching and harsh products. It’s important to remember that soaps contain a high pH, and using them as your main mode of cleaning can increase your vaginal pH, moving it away from its normal state. You’ll want to use warm water and a gentle cleanser instead, which should be used to clean your vulva area. It’s always best to avoid cleaning inside your vagina—even with just water. 
  • Consider taking probiotics. By taking probiotics, you make sure to restore the body’s natural bacterial levels. You can do this by consuming more yoghurt, including miso, kombucha, and even kimchi. Should these items be too much to consume, however, simply taking it as a supplementary pill will be more than beneficial.
  • Practice safe sex. With the help of protection, such as dental dams and condoms, you’ll make sure to protect your pH levels. As a bonus, you’ll also ward off unwanted pregnancy, as well as keep sexually transmitted diseases away.
  • Invest in the Right Intimate Care Products 

    By keeping your vagina pH levels at a healthy state, you effectively reduce any risks of infections, as well as other complications. While it can be incredibly difficult to have your vaginal pH levels measured regularly, taking the time to commit to healthy routines can help you stay as healthy as possible. Make sure to keep this guide in mind as you do!

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