Has the change of packaging made our Imbue Daalia Intimate Wash any different?

Has the change of packaging made our Imbue Daalia Intimate Wash any different?

When we talk about personal hygiene, we usually refer to our overall cleanliness, body odour and so on, but intimate hygiene rarely forms a part of it. The taboo around our intimate parts has meant a lack of conversation as well as awareness around intimate hygiene. However, the lack of conversation is in no way an indicator of the importance of intimate hygiene. Intimate hygiene is a part and parcel of our overall hygiene. Just like we take care of our overall body by taking baths, following a skincare routine and so on and so forth,  our intimate areas need some love and care too.

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Our passion for sexual wellness and intimate hygiene does not need any introduction. We are constantly working on breaking the stigma around sexual and intimate wellness and making intimate care more accessible to people.

However, while trying to break this stigma, and taboo around intimate care and hygiene, we realised that we have to be very sensitive not only while discussing this topic but also while crafting products around intimate hygiene. It is no secret that our intimate areas, mostly our vaginal area, is quite delicate and hence it needs to be treated with a lot of care.  If anything messes with our vaginal pH, it can have other effects as well.

Well, ordinarily the pH of a healthy vagina ranges somewhere between 3.8-4.5 which means that our vagina is slightly acidic. The reason behind the slightly acidic nature of our vagina is the existence of lactobacilli bacteria secreting lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide giving our vaginas their acidic pH. This acidic environment actually prevents harmful bacteria and yeast from multiplying thereby lowering the chances of infection. A higher vaginal pH may put you at risk of contracting infections like Bacterial vaginosis, Trichomoniasis and so on. 

That is why our goal has always been to craft such products that not only take care of your intimate hygiene but also do it in a nourishing and nurturing way without disturbing any natural balance. And the result of our mission and dedication is our very own Daalia Intimate Wash

What makes Daalia Intimate wash unique?


Daalia Intimate Wash has been crafted from plant extracts. It is cruelty-free, alcohol-free, vegan and paraben-free. It is naturally Formulated with ingredients like aloe vera, neem, banyan, and tea tree oil inspired by the ancient ayurvedic practice of Yoni Prakshalanam.
The ingredients have been chosen with utmost care to ensure that your intimate parts are only subjected to the goodness of nature and not any harsh chemicals.

These gentle yet effective ingredients will help you maintain the PH Balance of your intimate area. It will also help you prevent any kind of infections down there. It will also be your best friend in getting rid of itchiness, irritation, foul odour & dryness in your vaginal area. The easy-to-use flip-top bottle acts as a cherry on top and comes in handy while bathing or showering.

Has the change of packaging made our Imbue Daalia Intimate Wash any different?

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Now, recently we upped our game and made some changes to the packaging of our Imbue Daalia Intimate wash. Now does the change in packaging also mean that the intrinsic qualities of our intimate wash have changed as well? The answer is a big NO. Our Dallia Intimate wash still retains all the goodness that will gently take care of your intimate hygiene and keep infections, irritation, itching and other woes at bay. So if the change in packaging has made you question the efficacy of our product, we are here to put all our doubts at rest. So add our Daalia Intimate wash to your cart already and take the first step towards taking care of your intimate health and hygiene. 

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