5 at-home activities that boost your mental health

5 at-home activities that boost your mental health

Okay, let us ask you a question. What are the activities that you do on a regular basis to take care of your physical health? Let us guess, exercise, eat healthily, take vitamins, take precautions as per the weather, and the list can go on.

Okay, now let us ask you another question, what activities do you do on a regular basis to take care of your mental health? Well, we can vouch for the fact that most of us don’t do anything proactively to boost or take care of our mental health.

Despite all the awareness around mental health, we still see mental health as something that doesn't feature on top of our priorities and even if we do consider it, it is usually when we are going through certain mental health issues which require expert attention. It is only when we feel severely depressed or anxious that we seriously take into account our mental health. Otherwise actively including activities in our day-to-day routine that can improve and boost our mental health doesn’t really feature on our agenda.

So how about we change that a little and look at our health holistically rather than just focus on our physical health? 

So, here are  5 at-home activities that boost your mental health.

1.  Deep Breathing
Experts over the years have raved about the benefits of deep breathing and all for the right reasons. We all live a very fast-paced life and stress is our constant companion in our lifestyles. No matter how much we try to streamline our lives there is no escape from stress. However, what is in our control is ways to deal with our stress and one of the best ways to deal with it is to practise deep breathing, Breathe in through your nose, hold it for some time and then breathe out. By filling in your lungs with the air that you inhale, you can slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure as well. This will help you calm down and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed under stress. Regularly practising this will help you connect with your body and it will help you deal with stress in a much more constructive way

2.  Exercise
Exercise? Aren’t we talking about boosting our mental health? Then where did exercise come from? Well, turns out not just your physical health, exercise can be great when it comes to dealing with your mental health as well. Exercise has been scientifically proven to release the endorphin hormone, which triggers an overall positive feeling in our bodies. Mentally preparing ourselves to exercise seems to be more difficult than the exercise itself but once we get through it, it boosts our mood and fills us up with a feeling of accomplishment. Exercise is also effective when it comes to dealing with anxiety and depression and it helps with better sleep, improved stamina, and stress relief, all of which contribute to better mental health. 

3.  Reading 
All the bibliophiles out there rejoice, reading has been scientifically proven to help you deal with your mental health issues as well as boost your mental health in general. In fact, there is something called bibliotherapy which is a structured or voluntary book-reading activity done with the goal of relieving mental health issues. Reading a book is associated with decreasing someone’s depressive symptoms and it can also help you in relaxing and calming both your mind and your body.
Now if you are a seasoned bibliophile, we will not dare give you any book recommendations, but if you are planning on starting out with book reading, especially with the objective of boosting your mental health, we would say go for fiction which is deep yet has a positive undertone. Apart from boosting your mental health, if you invest in the narrative arc of a fictional character, it can help increase your sense of empathy, strengthen their social skills and improve their level of interpersonal understanding. Win-win we would say

4.  Colouring 
Don’t worry, just because we are talking about colouring, doesn’t mean we have suddenly diverted our attention to children. Colouring is a great way to boost your mental health. Now, you don't necessarily have to be an expert. Remember the objective is to turn yourself into a Picasso or Van Gough overnight, rather the mission is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Be it a mandala, sketch or any abstract art, just put on your painter’s hat and you will be thanking us later. 

5.  Interact with people
We could almost see the introverts rolling their eyes at us, but the truth is we humans are social beings. We are wired for connection and community. You don't have to go out and actively look for people to talk to. But just a phone conversation with your family and friends can do wonders for your mental health. Studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends and their community are happier, have fewer health problems and even live longer. When you don’t have friends, family or a support group, it is very easy to go down the spiral of depression, loneliness and self-loathing. So make sure to be in touch with people who matter and trust you will see a positive impact of the same on your mental health


So there you go, seamlessly merge these 5 simple activities in your everyday life and watch your mental health improve by the day. 

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