How Does Arousal Gel Make Sex Better for Women?

How Does Arousal Gel Make Sex Better for Women?

When it comes to putting yourself in the mood, there are numerous options. Natural stimulants or arousal gels are your best pick. According to recent studies, it has been proved that arousal gels, creams, and oils aim to boost oxygen and blood flow to the genitals, thus enhancing women's sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

Why is female arousal gel used?

  • Increases sensation in the clitoris
  • Boosts blood flow
  • Enhances orgasmic intensity
  • Increases pleasure during sexual activity

How to choose the best arousal gel?
Keep in mind that arousal gels are designed to enhance sensation rather than produce it. These products increase what you're already experiencing, so when you're aroused or having an orgasm, it's simply heightening that natural, sensitive feeling.
Here’s a guide on everything you should know before using one.

Consider the ingredients
To enhance the sensation, choose stimulants that are packed with natural ingredients like hemp seed oil and menthol and free from petroleum, alcohol, parabens, and silicone. Firefly All Natural Stimulant is a clean and non-synthetic product that creates arousal in a matter of minutes.

Find the right sensation
Keep in mind the sensations that you can expect from each ingredient as you shop. For instance, menthol has a cooling effect while cinnamon will give you a warmer feel. So, choose as per your preferences.

Go for water-based stimulants
Water-based stimulants are good to start with because they can be used for a variety of purposes and are gentle on the skin.

How to use a female arousal gel?

  • After picking one, experts suggest testing it on a less sensitive area, such as your wrist or leg, to see how it reacts. 
  • When applying the gel, start with a smaller amount and wait for at least 15 minutes. Apply some more only if you don’t notice any change.
  • For the best effect, apply the arousal gel to the labia, clitoris, and inside the vagina.
  • At last, allow yourself to be completely immersed in the sensation.

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