How to Have A Relaxing Spa Day At Home

How to Have A Relaxing Spa Day At Home

Everyone deserves to pamper themselves once in a while, but it can be challenging to do when you have a hectic schedule. When you finally get a free day of rest, a well-deserved day at the spa or salon sounds like the perfect antidote to your stress, although you may prefer to stay at home instead to save money. Luckily, you can get the best of both worlds and enjoy a relaxing spa day in your very own home.

All you need to do is free up one evening a month, set the stage with a few choice products, and turn off notifications on your phone. That way, you can enjoy your evening uninterrupted, go braless, relax, and unwind. Here’s how to have a DIY spa day:


1. Go On Do Not Disturb Mode


This evening is especially for you, which means that this is the one time you get entirely to yourself. Go offline or put your phone on silent mode to avoid breaking your peaceful reverie with a constant stream of notifications. Then, clear the clutter in your bathroom and set the mood by lighting some candles and dimming the lights. A relaxing soundtrack should accompany your spa day, whether it’s ambient noises of waves crashing into the shore, rain pitter-pattering on your roof, or your favourite jazz playlist. 

Gather your softest towels, your most comfortable robe, and clean washcloths. Prepare a pitcher of cold water and put some lemon slices, mint, or cucumber in them for a refreshing drink. Arrange the spa products you’ll be using, and you’ll be ready to start your spa day.


2. Put On Some Deep Conditioner


Once you’re ready, start your spa day by deep conditioning your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the mask or oil over your hair, ensuring each strand soaks up the product. Wrap your hair in a plastic-wrap turban or a shower cap to allow the product to ‘bake.’ 

If your hair is chemically treated and thin or fragile, you’ll want to use a pre-shampoo hair-repair bonding treatment. If you have dull or dry hair, olive or coconut oil is a great way to restore lustre and softness to your hair. However, it has to be applied to dry hair. On the other hand, if your hair is damaged or frizzy, use an ultra-moisturising cream mask, which will rejuvenate your scalp.


3. Use a Sheet Mask


The next step is to use a sheet mask infused with organic ingredients with cutouts for your eyes, nose, and mouth. Be sure to apply them on a freshly washed, makeup-free face to maximise its benefits. 


4. Apply an Eye Mask


If you’d like to take your spa day to the next level, you can also opt for a disposable eye mask, which is excellent for reducing swelling in your eye area. Opt for eye masks with cucumber and liquorice root ingredients, which will lighten dark circles and brighten your eye area. 


5. Give Yourself a Manicure


No self-pamper day is complete without a manicure! Even if you aren’t good at painting your nails, you can file and moisturise your fingers so they’re soft and smooth. Start by filing and shaping your fingernails, which should be dry to avoid breakage. Then, massage your hands and cuticles with a rich hand cream that contains shea butter. Feel free to apply nail polish.


6. Relax in a Steamy Tub


A relaxing bath is a great way to unwind from all the stress you encounter at work. Once you’ve filled your tub with steamy (but not hot) water, add two cups of mineral salts, like Epsom salt. They’re great for soothing aching muscles and reduce water retention that causes your ankles, stomach, or breasts to bloat.


7. Shower and Moisturise


Finally, it’s time to shower and moisturise. Rinse off the products you’ve applied and apply shampoo and conditioner to remove any residue. Some intimate wash will also make you feel clean and fresh down there, rounding out your spa day.



Spa days don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. By following these steps, you can completely relax at home, have your own spa day, and enjoy an assortment of soothing products without overspending on them.

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