How to Stop the Pandemic From Ruining Your Beauty Sleep

How to Stop the Pandemic From Ruining Your Beauty Sleep

With a pandemic ravaging the world for more than a year, it’s no surprise that many people’s mental and physical health has taken a turn for the worse. For instance, if you’ve been struggling to get a good night’s sleep in the last year, know that you aren’t alone. Various studies, polls, and surveys have revealed that the pandemic has upset sleep schedules for even the soundest sleepers.

Some people have difficulty falling asleep, while others have erratic sleep habits, finding themselves dozing off during the day. Unfortunately, sleep deficiency affects your whole body, leading to a host of chronic health problems like kidney disease, obesity, diabetes, and depression. Fortunately, you can look forward to a better sleep by understanding and addressing these main factors of pandemic-related sleep problems:


1.Stress, Anxiety, and Fear


The pandemic has brought a lot of change to billions of people’s lives. Due to lockdown restrictions and social distancing guidelines, many people lost their jobs, subsequently affecting their health due to the stress of losing their income. Coupled with uncertainty, people have struggled with insomnia, consequently negatively impacting their health. It can compromise everything from your focus, appearance to even having a healthy vagina. 

According to Michael Perlis, the director of the behavioral sleep medicine program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, stress is the leading cause of insomnia. As long as people’s quality and way of life are threatened, they won’t be able to get some shuteye, putting them into a vicious cycle of fatigue, exhaustion, and feeling ill.

However, a great way to solve this is to address the stress and anxiety. Feeding your body with well-balanced meals will give it the nutrition it needs to support various functions. Taking care of yourself, such as attending to your hygiene and nurturing your hobbies, will relieve some of the stress you’ve been facing. You may also want to contact a healthcare provider or mental health professional.


2.Routine Changes


Another cause of insomnia lies in changes to your daily routine. For instance, people who have suffered through long commutes to the workplace now enjoy more hours of free time from working at home, which inevitably leads to them staying up later and sleeping in for longer. Without a solid structure to their day, they’re also more likely to take naps.

This new schedule works well for some individuals, especially if they previously struggled to get the minimum amount of recommended sleep. However, the extra sleep hours have caused sleep problems for other people as it disrupts the body’s internal clock. 

If this resonates with you, try enforcing a consistent sleep schedule and try to avoid napping. Sticking to the same sleep and wake up time every day will train your body to adhere to the schedule, causing it to feel sleepy and alert at the correct times. Additionally, ensuring a healthy sleep environment by sleeping in a dark, quiet room at a comfortable temperature will also help you fall asleep faster. It is also best to avoid eating large meals and consuming caffeine or alcohol before going to bed.


3.An Increase in Screen Time


Social distancing means that more people have been isolated from their loved ones, resorting to technology to stay connected. Unfortunately, this has also led to an uptick in sleep problems, especially as workers have transformed their bedrooms into home offices. With in-person meetings entirely replaced by online video conferences, they’re in front of their screens more frequently than before.

The blue light produced by screens signals the brain to stop producing melatonin, hampering the body’s sleep-wake cycle and allowing insomnia to settle. To correct this, you’ll need to set a hard time limit for device usage. It is also best to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine since you spend most of your time seated in one place. Exercising regularly, especially at night, will tire you out enough to make falling asleep easier.


The pandemic has wreaked havoc on billions of lives and upset sleeping habits worldwide. However, by understanding the main causes of pandemic-related insomnia, you can adjust your schedule and habits to ensure you get a good night’s rest. By getting a higher quality of sleep every night, you’ll feel better and healthier than ever.

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