How to measure your bra size: a guide

How to measure your bra size: a guide

Let’s face it. Getting home after a long day and taking off your bra is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. But did you know that most women wear the wrong bra size? Bras are designed to support and lift up your breasts comfortably, without being too restrictive or tight. We have a handy guide on how to measure yourself to calculate the right bra size and to know when a bra fit is good or bad. Read on to say goodbye to ill-fitting lingerie! 

How to measure yourself at home

The first experience most of us have had with getting measured for a bra is at the lingerie store, where the shy employee or saleswoman guesses your size by giving you a once over, or at most takes your band measurement with a measuring tape. This is the beginning of a journey into badly sized and poorly fitting bras. The Reddit Community: A Bra That Fits is dedicated to helping women around the world find the perfect fitting bra, and have devised an extensive calculator for that purpose. While there are a number of bra size calculators available on the internet, this one takes into account the shape, size of the underbust, bust and overbust, at different angles in order to help you find the perfect bra size.

Here’s how it works: Firstly, all measurements should be done only on bare breasts. 

First, measure your underbust in 3 ways: (1) loosely, i.e. where the measuring tape sits comfortably around your rib cage and doesn’t dig into your skin at all,  (2) Snug, where the tape digs a bit and that is how tight you’d want your bra’s band to fit and (3) Super tight, where the tape is digging into your skin and is as tight as possible.

Then comes the bust measurement: this should also be done in 3 ways: (1) Standing up straight and measuring loosely around the fullest part of your bust. (2) leaning over at a 90-degree angle and measuring your bust comfortably and (3) lying down on your back and measuring the fullest part of your bust loosely.

Once you take these measurements, simply enter them into the calculator and voila! There’s your bra size.

Signs of a well-fitting bra

A bra that fits well should fit you well in all of the parts. It should ideally have the following signs: 

  • The band fits well and does not ride up in the back or front, and it should also not be uncomfortably tight. 
  • The straps should not be too that it digs into your skin nor should it be too loose that it falls off your shoulders
  • The cups of your bra should not be too loose that it doesn’t sit comfortably atop your bust, nor should it be too tight that it creates a bulge on top of your bra.
  • And finally, if you’re using an underwired bra, it should always fit snugly around the bottom of your breasts, without having too much empty space on the outsides. 

Hacks to get the most use out of your current bras

Let’s be honest, bras are expensive. So what to do after you find out that you’ve accidentally bought the wrong bra size? If your current bra is too tight, you can always purchase the handy bra extenders that are available online and in most lingerie stores. If your bra is too loose, you can try using some breast enlargement creams or breast massage creams for growth. This can help you fill out your bras, and achieve your perfect size! 

How to take care of your bras

A well-maintained bra always lasts longer without becoming too loose or shrinking. Always hand wash your bras in warm water and a mild detergent. If you have to use a washing machine, use a mesh lingerie bag that will keep your delicates safe in the washing cycle of the machine. It is enough to wash your bras after every 2-3 wears as excessive washing may stretch out your bras. Air drying your bras are also a sure way to preserve the elasticity of your bras as harsh heat may cause damage. 

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