How is Social media influencing your self-care journey?

How is Social media influencing your self-care journey?

Gone are the times when we followed the home remedies and age-old rituals of our mothers, aunts and grandmothers. We are the generation of the internet, where there is no dearth of knowledge when it comes to self-care. But how much should we trust this information? We believe that the social media effect of self-care and wellness is not all about marketing and advertising, but rather about opening dialogue and spreading awareness about self-health.

It is possible to mindfully consume the content on social media and disregard the ones having a negative influence on our behaviour. Read on to find out our analysis of how social media is influencing your self-care journey, and our tips to use social media mindfully!

So what exactly is self-care?

Contrary to popular belief, Self-care is not some luxury that we indulge in. Self-care is nothing but taking care of our mind, body and soul. It is a way of giving back to our bodies and minds and thanking it by practising habits that keep us healthy and grounded. Eating whole foods and nutrient-rich ingredients, Moving your body for some light exercise (or maxing out at the gym, if that’s more your speed), Indulging in some mindful hobbies like painting or meditation, maintaining a clean and tidy space both around us and within us are all ways to exercise self-care in our busy daily routines.

Our Self-care routine is built by the choices we make in our day to day lives. Makes you re-think those 3 iced coffees you had today, huh?

How does social media help with your self-care and wellness journey?

Who starts their day without scrolling through Instagram or going through your mutuals’ updates on Twitter? Social media sites take up a major portion of our lives. And for better or for worse, these sites have a great influence over our lifestyles and habits. But don’t be alarmed! This isn’t a new phenomenon. People are influenced by any new information that graces them. The only difference is that In the past it was through magazines and books, and now it is through the faced-paced world of the internet.

Social media sites are especially important in creating a dialogue for women’s wellness and health. These topics are often seen as taboo and there is a lot of hush-hush around them. Information about the physical self-care aspects for women can be normalized through the people on the internet who are spreading awareness on the same. For example, are you aware of your pelvic floor muscles? How good are your hygiene products? Are you using the right intimate care products? Fear not! The internet has all the answers.

That being said, we should also discuss the potential negative impact of social media. Social media influence on our behaviour can be quite misleading at times, especially if we are exposed to such information from an early age. Toxic advice can have a negative neurological impact on the self-care journey, both physical and mental. Thus, it is important to mindfully consume content on social media.

How to be a mindful consumer of social media?

Always lookout for the source of the information. Social media pages and influencers who share genuine self-care practices always provide legitimate sources. Never trust people who seem to have too many advertisements and sponsorships on their page. While endorsing wellness routines and intimate care products are not necessarily bad, it’s certainly a red flag if you see someone partnering up with any and every brand and endorsing their products.

Don’t get fooled by trending products. Social media is a great tool for learning about new information regarding your wellness routine and has introduced many women to their Holy Grail personal hygiene kits and intimate care products. While it is not bad to take inspiration from the other people on social media who share their self-care ideas, always make sure that you don’t blindly follow them. Most of these mass-produced, cheap products sold with the tag of self-care are filled with harmful chemicals which are bad for your body. Always look out for products from clean beauty brands, that have ethically and naturally sourced products.

Take a step back. Anytime you feel overwhelmed by the myriad of conflicting information, disconnect from the internet. Human beings are connected to nature, how much our society changes, a short walk to take in the fresh air, or simply spending some time around greenery can recharge our minds. Normalize unfollowing or blocking people and pages on social media that induce negative feelings. Remember, knowing when to stop -be it online or offline- is also a kind of self-care.

We always see the influence of social media on society from a negative lens, but it does have its advantages. We hope this article has introduced you to some healthy and mindful ways to consume social media content and be aware of its influence on your self-care journey.

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