How breastfeeding and lactation affects your breast!

How breastfeeding and lactation affects your breast!

The joy of bringing a new life into this planet is something that cannot be sufficiently captured by any language on the face of the earth. The feeling surpasses the muse of every poet, the inspiration of every writer. The birth of a baby marks the beginning of a beautiful journey between the child and the mother and this relationship is further cemented by breastfeeding.

However, as divine as this bond is, breastfeeding often causes certain discomforts to the mothers. These breastfeeding effects often make new mothers reach out for breast massage cream, breast firming lotions, breast tightening creams and so on.

Throughout the entire journey of pregnancy and breastfeeding, your breasts will undergo numerous changes. While some of them might be normal,  others may need medical attention. Let us see what are the breastfeeding effects you may expect in your breast during the course of breastfeeding and lactation

The Size of Your Breast

This is the most common of all the breastfeeding effects that lactating mothers experience. Your breasts tend to grow in size during the period of breastfeeding. However, this entire process starts almost during the early months of pregnancy itself. In order to prepare for the arrival of the baby, your body ramps up the production of estrogen and progesterone which leads to the accumulation of denser fatty tissues in your breast for the purpose of the better flow of the milk. Now, these fatty tissues determine the size of your breasts. So throughout pregnancy, the size of your breasts keeps developing owing to the increased presence of fatty tissues. The process doesn’t stop during lactation and breastfeeding since the dense fatty tissues ease the flowing of milk. 

Soreness and aches

As surreal as the entire process of breastfeeding is, it does take a toll on your body. With your breasts continuing to be stretched and full for longer periods of time, they are bound to get sore and achy. Further, your nipples may also experience some torment as your baby suckles on them. 

While the pain and discomfort are an innate part of the entire journey of pregnancy and breastfeeding, it doesn’t mean you can’t resort to means to relieve yourself of these displeasures. Breast massage creams can be your best friend during these times. A gentle massage on your breasts with our breast massage cream can not only do wonders in relieving you of a lot of aches and soreness but also help in tightening as well as uplifting your breasts. 

Your breasts may leak

This breastfeeding effect can be slightly embarrassing and it can happen multiple times during the entire process of breastfeeding and even after that. You might think that post-weaning there won’t be any incidents of your breasts leaking. However, that is not entirely true. It takes some time for the milk to dry up in your body and this time period can be anything from days to months. So in case, you experience leakages or a sense of fullness in your breasts even after weeks or months you are done nursing, remember that it is completely normal and nothing to feel embarrassed or awkward about.

Your breasts may become saggy

While many new mothers may get quite anxious about their breasts shrinking and becoming saggy post breastfeeding, it is a completely normal phenomenon. Irrespective of the size of your breasts, they will swell and stretch during pregnancy and breastfeeding owing to hormones and milk ducts. However, after weaning, once the milk ducts stop producing milk, your breasts don’t continue to remain swelled and stretched which might result in them sagging or shrinking a little. Reiterating the fact that it is completely normal and nothing to get conscious or worried about. Different women experience different ways in which their boobs change during breastfeeding and lactation.

There are many intimate care products in the market that can help you cope with the changes that your breasts may go through during this magical period. Products like breast massage cream, breast tightening cream or breast firming lotion creams can help you take care of your breasts and by restoring their firmness and tightness.

Stretch Marks

This breastfeeding effect is almost a no-brainer. The swelling of your breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding means the tissues in your breasts would stretch and your skin will become taut to accommodate that. However, post lactation one your breasts start to shrink in size, the tissues and your skin don’t remain so stretched and taut anymore leading to stretch marks. This again is a completely normal phenomenon and should not be a reason for a dip in your confidence. In case you are still worried, you can also choose to resort to the numerous intimate care items that the market has to offer. Opt for a breast massage cream that will not only help with your stretch marks but also ease soreness and help in tightening and upliftment of your breasts. Talk about win-win.

Your breast along with your body will undergo numerous changes throughout the entire journey of pregnancy and breastfeeding and while some of the breastfeeding effects may be uncomfortable and not visually appealing to an outsider, they are remnants of the marvellous adventure that you just went through. Your body is way stronger and resilient than you would like to believe and the same goes for your breasts. More often than not these changes, tend to reverse themselves gradually with the passage of time. The stretch marks start fading away, your breasts start regaining their shape and the soreness starts going away.

Further, with the advancement of medical science, we see an increasing number of products in the markets that expedite the entire process. Reach for our breast massage cream and intimate hygiene products to help you get through the journey of recovery.

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