Vaginal Infections during Monsoons: How to avoid them?

Vaginal Infections during Monsoons: How to avoid them?

Get wet in bed, or get wet in the rain! But my Cherie, don't let the monsoon romance dampen you down there. Monsoon brings a host of vaginal infections for all its glory, including viral, fungal and bacterial—the most common- Vaginal Candidiasis, also known as a yeast infection.

What is a vaginal yeast infection?

A yeast infection of the vagina and tissues affects the opening of the vagina (vulva), leading to complications like- inflammation, intense itchiness and a thick, white discharge from the vagina. 

There are several ways you can keep this unwanted guest at bay. So go on, read along to know how you can make the most of this monsoon and keep your vajayjay healthy. 

1- Keep it dry!

During the monsoon, humidity levels go over the roof. So, it is essential to keep your intimate parts dry by wiping them after urinating or after using the washroom. Just wipe them with plain toilet paper from front to back or soap and water at least twice a day, or go for a natural vaginal wash. With the decline of vaginal PH levels, women are predisposed to vaginal infections, especially fungal infections. Decreasing moisture can decrease breeding grounds for bacteria. An easy trick that does it well for you and your vag! 

2- Go for cotton and breathable undies/ clothes

Switching to cotton clothes improves air circulation and reduces the chances of skin irritation. Yes, you might be tempted to grab those sexy lace briefs, but take a long deep breath and think twice before you go in that direction. Say goodbye to your skinny jeans, shorts, and tight bottoms. Tight or form-fitting clothes reduce the airflow and absorb more sweat, increasing the chances of rashes, vaginal infections, and urinary tract infections.

3- increase your water intake

Hydration is almost the key to everything healthy, so how could we forget about it when we're talking about our very precious 'Vag'.You tend to lose salts and fluids from your body in this weather. It is always a good idea to drink four to five litres of liquids as they will keep you hydrated and flush out all the unwanted toxins. Staying hydrated also reduces the chances of vaginal infections and protects you from urinary tract infections. Always keep a bottle of safe drinking water with you, and choose the best intimate wash products for yourself.

4- Stay away from all that spice

Increased intake of spicy food reduces the pH levels of the vagina and increases the chances of a fungal infection. Vaginal care is an essential aspect of women's health. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure you have a healthy intimate care routine. Try not to indulge and think about the discomfort of an itchy vagina every time you are craving spicy or fried foods! Instead, make the most of this time and let the spice unfold in your bed.

5- Make a switch to the menstrual cup from tampons/pads

Menstrual cups are all the rage on social media for a reason. Yes, they're eco friendly, sustainable, and so not expensive compared to sanitary napkins or tampons. Sanitary pads are notorious for causing rashes due to increased humidity in the monsoon. At the same time, tampons absorb the vaginal fluid and make it dry, leading to irritation and an expanded scope of infections. Menstrual cups, however, are free of these negatives; they are hygienic, reusable, and easily washable.

6- Imbue Natural Intimate wash/Foam

We kept the best for the last; intimate care and intimate hygiene is an essential factor, irrespective of the season. But, as we categorically mentioned, vaginal health takes a toll during the monsoon. Hence, keeping a clean, dry and healthy vagina does the trick for everyone. Go for Imbue All Natural Intimate wash/ foam at your convenience. The right combination of natural ingredients like aloe vera, neem, tea tree oil is what makes this product a must-have for your healthy vagina.

Choose Imbue All Natural Intimate Wash/Foam and bring a smile through the damp monsoon weather.

Yes, we do encourage you, but don't go too harsh on your vulva, be gentle and take care of it. 

If you need us, follow the link to our products page for the colourful range of intimate care products for you!

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