Breast Play During Sex? How? Why?

Breast Play During Sex? How? Why?

For all the attention( unwanted and at times) your breasts receive in those low cut blouses and painful underwire bras, the lack of attention they get in the bed is a shame! Breasts, nipples and the area around nipples are some of the most erogenous parts of our body. When teased, touched and played with the right way, breasts can immensely enhance your arousal as well as priming your body for more explosive orgasms. 

Some of you may already know of the erotic powers they possess, but for those of you, who are still new to it, we have got you covered. Read through to get some steamy answers to your whys and hows of breast play!

Experiment with the new sensations

Your twins tend to be sensitive to your arousal ( similar to your clitoris). The release of oxytocin during an orgasm can be triggered with stimulation of your breasts. And before you go about experimenting with different touches and strokes, stop to tune in to your senses to understand what sound, atmosphere, aroma, breast massages, or tastes turn you on. Let yourself be led by your pleasure, and make your next breast play magical.

Toys to rescue /Play with toys

If you’re confused, no sex toys aren’t just for vaginas and clitoris. Several sex toys can be as exciting and valuable for your boobs game. The female body is full of erogenous zones that often get sidelined during foreplay—and toys can help stimulate those areas and enhance sensations all over. Choose a breast massager or a simple vibrator to stimulate your breasts. And if you’re not willing to spend on expensive vibrators, use your household items (with caution, obviously), bobby pins, ice and even electric toothbrushes. All-natural intimate care products can be exciting choices as well.

Front & Center: Breasts

Out of sight? Out of mind? Yes, that might be the play here. Choose positions where your breasts play the central character. Let your partner devour them, and don’t shy away from playing all the gentle/ rough games with them. Breast care is necessary, and while we use all sorts of creams to make them look healthier and plumper, what better than a bit of play? Breast play can also help release pent up tension and give you a fair idea of what triggers your big ‘O’.

Breast Massage

Massage might be a foreplay staple, but adding aromatherapy while giving your breasts the much-needed attention can be a total gamechanger. Choose scents and tastes which connect with you the most; natural personal care products like breast massage creams can do you great! Scents can instil feelings of femininity and eroticism, further enhancing breast pleasure. Our edible and All Natural Imbue Breast Massage Cream might be your pick. 

This is where the size might matter ;)

Your breasts can get up to 25% larger when you’re aroused, thanks to an increase in blood flow, which gives you glowing skin. But what it also offers is, more surface area and more weight equal more opportunity for stimulation. Pushing them together and jiggling at various speeds is another way to experience their total weight and the pleasure you may get.

One little thing to add, The combination of estrogen pumping through the body and stimulation of the blood vessels can cause the nipples and areola to appear pinker or darker and create a “sex flush” (your boobs blush with the attention) across the breasts. Something one will notice if the face is flushed too.

Also, in case you’re looking to start it off somewhere, we’ve got a hamper for you; click here for Imbue All-natural Breast Cream for a sensual start of your next session.

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