Sex and Mental health Go together. Here's Why!

Sex and Mental health Go together. Here's Why!

Humans are sexual beings, with an innate need to procreate, it is not a long shot to assume that mental health and sex have an unspeakable synergy.

When our basic needs aren’t met, it impacts our mental health as much as it affects our physical health. Food, shelter, water and clean air are the necessities to lead a healthy life, but so is a thriving and positive sex life.

To look at a broader perspective, humans are physical creatures and physical intimacy in touch, hug, kissing, or even sex has multiple effects on an individual’s mental health. Research also suggests that touch deprived individuals are more likely to experience stress or depression.

While it’s not physically or psychologically unhealthy for someone to live an asexual, for people that crave the intimacy of a sexual relationship, healthy sex life is an essential part of a whole and happy life.

To help you understand why the relation between sex and mental health is as sacred as the big ‘O’ and intimate self-care, we found some ways how sex can positively impact your mental health.

Increasing Serotonin

Serotonin helps in regulating your mood naturally. Having balanced serotonin levels will leave you feeling more focused, emotionally stable, happier, and calmer. 

When your serotonin levels are normal, you tend to feel more focussed, stable, calm, and happier. While a low level of serotonin can cause you to be easily agitated, feel down or unable to control your impulses. Sex and sexual activities boost serotonin levels in the body, which helps improve your mood and fight off depression. The release of serotonin during an orgasm soothes you, relieving you from stress and anxiety. Consistent usage of intimate care products like sexual stimulants and Breast massage creams can also play a vital role. 

Masturbation improves or helps your self-esteem

Don’t shy away and get this right in your head. A healthy, happy and satisfying session of self-pleasure is as vital as an interview prep. Masturbation is not only a regular part of our sex drives; it is also a healthy manifestation of it. Masturbation helps in releasing pent up stress, allows us to get in touch with our bodies, and to feel pleasure without the risk of getting pregnant. Masturbation can be done in multiple manners, use your mighty hand, or go pick up that vibrator, or choose from a range of natural sexual stimulants for women. A lack of sex can be harmful, causing your self-worth and confidence to plunge low. When you have sex, the feelings of intimacy with your partner makes you feel nurtured and desired which boosts your overall well-being.

Sleep like a baby

Sex also improves your sleep, and yes, for those who know a post-session snuggly or not, sleep is what we crave. Many people tend to fall asleep after sex because their body releases prolactin, a hormone that helps you feel rested and relaxed. The orgasm also releases oxytocin, a hormone that promotes a healthy and calm mental state, ultimately leading to sleep. 

A lack of sleep can worsen your mental health disorder or increase your risk for developing the same, while better sleep promotes a healthier and more energetic you. With a healthy self-care regime that includes bits of self-pleasure ( Breast Massage Creams ) and sex, you can definitely lead a calm sleeping routine.

BDSM correlates with mental health

Gone are the days of people who classified BDSM as some kind of sexual deviancy that could point to a mental disorder. BDSM has become increasingly popular among the masses, being featured prominently in movies and TV shows. The understanding of the BDSM lifestyle and its participants has broadened and deepened over the years.

In a study released by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the fundamental psychological characteristics of BDSM practitioners were put against a control group. The results were surprising enough. 

People who had BDSM as a part of their lifestyle were less neurotic than the control group counterparts. They were more extroverted, open to new experiences, more willing, and had higher subjective well-being.

Respectful and responsible participation plays a pivotal role in a  BDSM scenario. In a setting like that, each partner communicates clearly and develops a sense of trust. This leads to openness and honesty faster than it would in other ‘vanilla’ scenarios.

Makes you happy

Cuddling and physical intimacy of sex also boost your overall happiness. Endorphins are one of the many chemicals your brain releases during sex. It is associated with the feeling of joy which in turn brightens your overall mood, as it helps lift depression. Not only does sex increase our serotonin levels, but it can also help lower cortisol levels: the stress hormone. 

In a nutshell, sex is directly related to your mental well being, having it regularly with the correct partner can boost your health in multi-folds. So choose from our colourful range of products and explore your sexuality like never before.

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