Girls, It's the 21st century; We’re telling our partners what we want in bed!

Girls, It's the 21st century; We’re telling our partners what we want in bed!

Let’s be real, Sex is complicated. But it doesn’t have to be!  It’s hard enough to be dealing with the reality when all you’ve been exposed to is the glamourized and romanticized version in books and movies. With a little honest communication and some handy tips, you too can be experiencing your best life (in bed!).  In this blog post, we cover a step-by-step checklist to help you feel more confident in yourself and guide you to finally tell your partner what you want in bed!

  • Communication is key
  • Great communication is the foundation of a great relationship, both on and off the mattress. Figure out what you like and try to be as open and honest as you can with your partner. The important thing to note is, communication doesn’t have to be mechanical lists or instructions per se. Think of it as a gentle push or a nudge in the direction you want it to go. Telling your partner what you want could be both direct (I want you to try _________ tonight) or subtle (I liked it when you tried ______ the other day). And for those of you who struggle with speaking your mind, It doesn’t necessarily have to be verbal communication, you can even use your hands to guide them to the right course of action! 

  • Find  out what you like 
  • It's hard for your partner to know what you like until YOU know what you like. Don’t shy away from exploring your likes either with solo play or with your partner. The internet is a great resource to discover new things you may be into. Sexual arousal in women is different from how it is for men. Foreplay is the most important part of sexual intercourse for women. We can’t be turned on at the flip of a switch, it’s more like a puzzle that you carefully work at to get to the finished picture. Try using products like Body oils and Breast massage creams to include intimate massages into your foreplay routine!

  • Take help where required 
  • Don’t shy away from taking some help. Men have a little blue pill that’s designed to help them in bed, so why should women hesitate to use some assistance for their sexual bed needs? There are umpteen products that could be useful in your journey: female arousal enhancers, vaginal stimulating creams, arousal gels for women and more! If you’re wary of these products, look for ones that don’t have to be ingested or contain any added chemicals or preservatives, such as natural sexual stimulants for women, or natural performance enhancers

  • Don’t compromise when it comes to your pleasure
  • If you don’t prioritise and advocate for your pleasure, then who will? Fulfilling your sexual needs is extremely important for your mental health as well as your physical well being. Reclaim your body’s needs, and normalize it. Ever heard of the Orgasm gap? Studies show that only a minuscule amount of women climax during intercourse, as opposed to men. It’s up to us to bridge this gap, whether it requires some more discussions with your partner or the occasional help of female arousal enhancers

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