Ways to explore sensation play!

Ways to explore sensation play!

Foreplay is one of the most neglected parts of many adult sexual relationships, which is such a shame considering how important foreplay is, especially for women. But what does one do in foreplay beyond the usual kissing and making out? Simple, you just gotta use all of your senses. Yes, you heard it here! Sensation play is all the rage now. Contrary to popular belief, Touch is not the only sensation that can push you towards that all enticing climax. For your convenience, we’ve put together a few different ways that you can explore sensation play with your partner (or even during your solo time!)

How to explore your senses:

You may have heard that when one sense is suppressed, the rest tends to be heightened. This is a great advantage when it comes to your activities in bed. A huge part of sexual stimulation, especially for women, comes from surprise and anticipation. Thus, a combination of the element of surprise and sensation play is a sure hit! Something as simple as a blindfold can be the opening to a whole new world of pleasure! The first step is to have open communication with your partner about your likes and dislikes. If you feel that you don’t have the experience, talk about how you’d like to give and take constructive opinions during intercourse, and whether your partner feels secure and comfortable enough to perceive it in a positive manner.  If it helps, you can do some research together to make sure you’re on the same page. Watch videos, read blogs or magazine articles to explore the unknown.

Step out of your comfort zone

Not just with sight or touch but did you even the effect of smell and sound can greatly alter your experience? Try lighting a new fragrance of scented candles when trying something new in bed to introduce a new edge to your partner’s olfactory senses. Do you or your partner have a preferred flavour? Try using condoms in those flavours. There are multitudes of flavours available in the market, and using one that is to your taste can help stimulate another one of your senses! 

Touch is a very underrated form of sensation play. There are many factors that introduce a distinct feeling with each version of the touch-based play. For example, using an ice cube or even a massage oil that is slightly warmed up. A popular move is using vaginal arousal creams while giving your partner a massage to boost their libido!


Sometimes, being yourself is boring. Role-playing is a great way to explore sensation based play in the bedroom if you’re someone who isn’t comfortable with the idea. Next time, try enacting the role of a Masseuse and a massage client to incorporate touch-play, playing A naughty chef to have a crack at the taste and food-based foreplay or even handing over complete control to your partner by being blindfolded and using noise-cancelling earphones to experience sensory deprivation. The possibilities are varied and endless!

We hope this blog post has given you some sensation play ideas to try out at your next rendezvous with your beau! Imbue Natural offers an all-natural, chemical and preservative-free vaginal firefly cream to try out while exploring sensation play. Check out our website to find the best female stimulation products all made with all-natural and edible products ingredients!

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